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Going to try and sort my feelings on this today. 
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Good luck man, I look forward to reading it. 
I am curious about this as well being an explorer I am all in with glass but I think at times I'd much prefer a watch. Curious as to how aggrevating it would be to wear both while in a group chat... 
I tried Glass free for a whole day and I felt sad. I had the Android Wear but its so damn limited to what Glass can do. I plan on sharing a post after I figure it out. Testing both today as well.
are those notifications persistent? or can you clear them away after connecting? 
Android Wear is definitely a subset of what Glass offers but at a fraction of the price. I think it has far more chance of mainstream success for that reason and because of the social acceptance of a watch vs. a wearable display/camera. I'm starting to think that Glass is really going to a be a vertical / enterprise tool for most; just ahead of its time. Completely debatable, of course. ;) Curious to hear your thoughts after the day.
I haven't used Bluetooth in a while so I don't remember what that notification looks like. Is the standard Bluetooth connected notification formatted like either of these, or is it different again? 
I'm not a fan of it...nor am I a fan of having a third one due to Moto X trusted devices and me being unlocked.
+Ben Schoon he's talking about a third notification, which is what happens when you have BT Trusted enabled on the Moto X. 
+Derek Ross - willing to part with it for me to trial it?  ;-)

I, too, am interested to hear what other Glass Explorers have to say on the matter.

As for the notifications, I've gotten used to it.  I use AcDisplay (for an Active Display-like lockscreen) which puts not one, but two persistent notifications, plus Tasker and Glass.  At this point, what's another persistent notification.  :-/
I'm curious as to what my first week with both and one vs. the other will show too. I'm assuming there will be a handful of pros & cons for each..
That moment when you look more normal talking to a watch that to something on your face :P
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