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So. Incredibly. Epic.

Kanye West bugdroid in the play music store today.

He's going to let you finish, but then he's going to tell you about Beyonce.

I'm still laughing.
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This is one of the many reasons that Google rocks. It toggles back and forth between Beyonce and Taylor Swift as well.
I'm gonna let you finish but Google Play is the best market ever!!!!
I think this was the only April Fools gag I saw today that was mobile exclusive. This same thing doesn't happen on the website.
Sean G
Google Rocks!
Is that really a bug? Plus, I think beyonce used to date kanye west.
Whoa how do you take screenshots on a droid?? I have one, can't figure it out. 
Pre ICS try app called "screen capture" works on non-rooted flawlessly
I thought his behavior was rude and disgusting in this matter. God bless Taylor
Yeah thanks for the screenshot help! I have droid 3, i found some apps, most of them require rooted phones and im too lazy to do that haha. I got the Dolphin brower, rly awesome and i can take screenshots with it.
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