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Linux Mint on the Surface Pro.

WiFi and touch don't work out of the box, but pen and Type Cover work great. 
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Wow! Maybe now I could think in buy one of these :).
So how long until you return to the superior operating system of Windows 8?
What is the WLAN chip on the Surface Pro?
Very nice, hope those two issues get sorted, would be a definite win to the device...
Why not regular Ubuntu? With the form factor and touch input, this is the first time that the Unity interface makes sense. 
+Søren Siim Nielsen I just happened to have Mint on a USB drive already. I'm actually going to try and put PlasmaActive on here at some point, as it is even more touch friendly than Unity.
Wow. Thank you . Did you tried KDE/plasma interface? Still the best interface for tablet/toutch in Linux GUIs
;-) you make my day ;-). Seems I'm to buy this hardware. ( hardware. Not SO. This is a detail).
I've made some progress with WiFi, nearly ready to put plasma on here.
Sony VAIO and some non branded corporate notebook with this marvel 350n have problems when using win8. A know bug and they are using this in they own hardware. Same under linux Sony VAIO hangs under some conditions with this card. Everything was so bright to be true.
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