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Took some fun photos with +Jen Karner​ yesterday, this one is my favorite!

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I'm kinda proud of this. 

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Its like you people have never even heard of the robot uprising. 

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When you see something neat at the Farmer's Market but have to stop and ask yourself "How Maryland am I really?" before seriously considering buying. 
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Oh is it raining all weekend here? I probably won't notice.

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The video isn't doing much for me, but I dig the cover. 

I haven't written anything about The Last Jedi since the trailer, but I think I'm ready.

This is 100% fun time speculation here. Gonna make a few of you mad, especially if you've read the Extended Universe books that are being rewritten in these movies, but bear with me.

Luke never had the proper Jedi experience, he's only ever read about it. At a maximum, he's had three Force Ghosts as perspectives to pull from as guidance, which is far from the full Jedi Council quorum. Part of the reason that council existed was to guide each other to making decisions entirely in logic and to push away emotions. For a Jedi, especially during conflict this is a constant internal struggle. Jedi are supposed to be stronger together because they can work together to seek defensive solutions to problems.

"I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end."

This brought up a lot of omg Grey Knights speculation, but I think it's a lot less complicated. Luke watched his only effort to rebuild the Jedi Order fail, probably because he was trying to do it "by the book" and simply didn't have the tools to deal with someone more powerful than him with even greater emotional swings. Luke is barely a Jedi Knight, much less a Jedi Master, and now he's faced with another Force sensitive individual more capable than he is. Repeating the same things with Rey he did with Ben sounds like a bad plan, so it's time to ditch the rule book and try something else.

That something else probably isn't using Dark Side powers like a Grey Knight, but more likely taking an offensive approach instead of a defensive one. Luke is going to give Rey the tools to grow her abilities, and that's going to include her unlocking memories of the family that left her on Jakku. If it turns out Snoke had something to do with why her parents never returned, it's going to give her the motivation to be aggressive on the scale required to continue participating in this fight.

Remember, Rey doesn't see herself as the hero. She was following what seemed like the path to find the hero so the First Order could be dealt with. If Luke tries to make this seem like the whole universe rests on her right out of the gate, she's going to want to bounce on out of there.

I'm excited. Some people were unhappy that Force Awakens was so similar to A New Hope. It would be difficult for The Last Jedi to mirror The Empire Strikes Back so closely with this plot line, which I think was the point. The biggest challenge for me is going to be not burning out on Star Wars entirely by the time the movie comes out. Things got real silly before Force Awakens came out, and it's looking like this year might be a little worse.

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WOW this was five years ago and I am still super salty I wasn't able to see this as +Chris Sewell was shooting it. Still one of my favorites in the massive list of photos he's taken that I absolutely love. 

Spent most of the last hour with "I'm about to lose this fight, but here goes!" running through my mind.

Five cars ahead of me, this little sedan does a 540 further up the on ramp to 97 and is now facing the wrong way on a road that gets a nontrivial amount of traffic. I pulled the van over, rush to the other side of the road, and make sure the driver is alright. The driver is a young woman, thin as a rail and well on her way from initial shock to tears. I'm basically standing in the middle of the on ramp as cars and trucks and this trailer with a large boat on the back continue to sail by, so I'm trying to make sure she's alright as quickly as possible so we can be somewhere that isn't here. Confirmed nothing felt broken, so I got her out of the car and into the grass. She gathers enough of her faculties to try calling her parents, and I call out to Cas to place a call to the police. Before her parents can pick up the phone, she notices their vehicle and flags them down.

Dad is a rugged-looking dude with a healthy salt and pepper beard, Mom is a little softer but it's clear in her eyes she's trying to put this puzzle together before saying much. As soon as Dad gets within an arm's reach, the young woman bursts into tears while trying to explain what happened. I give Mom as much information as I can, and let them know the police have been called. The young woman calms down enough to explain more clearly that she was cut off by a Volkswagen and bounced off the guard rail. There are no obvious physical injuries, and aside from a few new scrapes the car seemed in working order, so Dad gets in the car to move it onto the shoulder.

With a young woman in tears on the side of the road, and a car clearly facing the wrong direction, 8 drivers decided one after the other to ignore Mom's hand signals to stop so the car could be moved. I stepped out further into the road to offer some additional encouragement to these drivers, and the first one to see me stops. The driver behind him disagreed with this move, and went around him to get into the ramp. This maneuver included passing within six inches of the vehicle full of my children, and very nearly hitting me as stepped back. As the guy sailed by, I noticed two little heads in his own back seat. Fortunately, he was the last to attempt a pass before Dad got the car onto the shoulder.

When I finally make it back over to my car, Cas tells me emergency services had already been contacted and to expect them immediately. Sure enough, lights and sirens arrive a minute or two later, while giving this family my contact information in case they needed an eyewitness account or anything. The first officer on the scene is a seriously built guy with tattoos all over his arms and next, with a default facial expression that lay somewhere beyond pissed off. He talks to the fault for a minute, and then marches over to me for a statement. Once he seemed certain I wasn't somehow involved in this incident, he softened a little. I gave him my license and phone number, told him I'd be happy to help however I could and explained the first responder stuff I'd done when I stopped. He seemed mildly impressed that I wasn't entirely useless, and took my ID for a quick scan.

By now, four other squad cars and a firetruck had arrived. The firemen did their thing, inspected the car and driver, and made sure we hadn't been involved in the accident somehow. Dad comes back over, shakes my hand again, and starts to share a little about his daughter. He thanks me again for stopping, and rushes back across the street as Officer AngryFace marches back up the road with my ID. His face softened again as soon as he got to me, and then he had the firefighters stop traffic so I could get onto 97.

The good news is I didn't lose any of the fights, in no small part because most of them went actually fights. I'm also pretty happy I haven't forgotten any of my first responder stuff I've learned over the years. I don't think I got a single persons name though, now that I think about it.
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