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Russell Dickenson
Technical Author and FLOSS fan.
Technical Author and FLOSS fan.

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With the Easter school holidays over, my 2-week break from making school lunches is over. :-(

Celebrating 17 years of marriage today, 19 years together.

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+Fabian Scherschel I hope North Queensland is still there when you're visiting later in the year. :O

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Wow. What a great move!
This is wonderful! Gitter will be open sourced now that they've been acquired by GitLab. FOSS ftw!

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Who says you can't work and have fun!!??

The Open Source Security Podcast has some of the best ever episode titles, including "Everybody who went to the circus is in the circus" and "Bathing in Ebola virus ". 

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"Red Hat is strong because of the diverse voices that comprise our company."

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst on the Executive Order on immigration:

+Morten Juhl-Johansen Zőlde-Fejér - I know you have several FLOSS applications self-hosted. I have just begun doing the same, and I'm curious to know what applications you're using.

I currently have the following installed:
* Leafpub (blog)
* Kanboard (task tracking/management)
* Miniflux (RSS feed reader)
* Wallabag (saving web pages for reading later)

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If I wanted to have a tracking band attached to my person, I'd probably commit a federal offence. As I don't want to, I avoid smart watches, including the Pebble, like the plague.

However, for those already using the excellent Pebble devices, I applaud this community effort.

"Pebble’s tangible assets may have been liquidated, but its greatest asset of all, its amazing user and developer communities, endure, rebelling against our assumed fate, and seeing our wonderful little wearables reborn!"

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Yay me! \O/

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