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BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!
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The pen is mighty and the sword.
ya...but i don't knw how sanitized that would do we through away caps after eating???..or wash it...and again use it as caps...or..they can be bought as refills or some thing...i don't knw idea though..
hmm... Still not safe to use by non-owners if the owners are habitual chewers of pen tops. lol
Odd, just for looks or can you use them?
Lovely and may be practical idea! I think designer should combine fork and spoon into "spork" on one side of edge and other side "knife".; for reducing plastic use and huge convenience.
Why have we turned into a superlativistic society in the past couple of years? Why is EVERYTHING always "The Best Ever"?

Really? Newton's Laws of Motion? The Theory of Relativity? The development of human language?

People, can we not reign ourselves in just a bit and perhaps choose our language with just a bit more discrimination?
Unless, like me, you occasionally chew your pen tops absentmindedly ... that's a trip to the emergency room waiting to happen! :)
We should expect something now attached to mobile phones.....since these days not many have a pen on them.....
Would give new meaning to a "working lunch"
no, a spork is the best idea ever
That is crap.
In the old days, before everything was produced in Asia, people had a real (not crap but metal) set of fork, knife and spoon, that they brought with them.
I don't like this mentality of throw away all the time. Using plastic forks. They are awful to use. I have a set of metal tools at work.
If you're going to eat with your pens, then you might as well not be stupid and instead use them as chopsticks.
while say interesting, instead of send my own
The ultimate nerd essential 'must-haves'>, Norris approved, Eagle Scout (me) approved....*For shirt pocket use ONLY.
*Note: NOT TSA-approved.
Chuck and I have a country to save....back to work!!!!!! >>>VOTE in November!!......Dr. Gary K >Jerusalem, Israel via Boston
they just get thrown away anyway!
*Dual Use: Lunch-room bully basher! Insta-self-D.
i am so happy today i am out of all sadness
The only problem is - you would get soup all over your shirt if you happened to be writing a letter at the same time! (Or a sausage)!
Yeah, until the fork pokes one in the eye from his shirt pocket.
it would be nice in metal if they actually made the product
No. There's enough plastic in the world. In a pinch, fingers are my utensils.
wow............. how did you come up with that?
Your knife would come off when you're cutting something. Back to the drawing board!
uh huh
thats why as i said you should use metal and make the end of the pen magnetic so it would stick
No. The sword is mighty but the pen!
I believe this idea is good only for camping :-)
one thing y would u need a pen in camping
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