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My persona doesn't really work without fame. Without fame, this haircut could be mistaken for mental illness.
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Haha oh Russell. You say the truest things
Even with fame it can be mistaken for mental illness! Not that there is anything wrong with it though!
Alex Mc
Fame is but an illusion to which the American society clings upon to expect hope in their measly lives, but you know better, don't you Russell?
Russell is a good guy,very honest & funny.
alexx p
u still look hot
i like ur haircut its voluminous and fun =)
oye! estuvo fantastica la pelicula arthur
It kinda feeds back into itself, the hair appears like mental illness, mental illness causes fame, thus hair gets weirder...
nothing a jeffrey cant fix! i think i might have one of those stashed somewhere!
U r a nice person without the fame (keep the fame though)
Did I'm tellin you My Red Neck Yankee Style would be crazy if I hung out with Russel
I love the hair! It's awesome! It makes you, you ya know?! Rock on Russell!
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