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Russell Bentley
Russell "Texas" Bentley is a soldier and Information Warrior in Donetsk, DNR
Russell "Texas" Bentley is a soldier and Information Warrior in Donetsk, DNR

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Наконец-то наш новый аккаунт Пейпала активировали и верифицировали!
Вся информация в моем блоге. Если хотите меня поддержать - пожалуйста перейдите по ссылке!
We finally got our new PayPal account activated and verified!
All info on my blog! If you want to support me click on this link below!

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Our interview with Alexander Zaharchenko today at newly liberated UMZ steel Works in Donetsk...

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Rense Radio - 9 hours from NOW. That's 21:00 PST (in L.A,) 04:00 GMT and 08:00 Donetsk time. I will be talking with Jeff Rense, THE #1 radio talk show in the USA. Again. This will be a GOOD one!

We'll be talking about:
Donetsk water plant, Savchinko's visit to P.O.W.'s in DPR, Trump, Haley, the death (probable murder) of Churkin, current combat situation on the Front, comparison of Texas Independence and Donbass Independence, the recent ultimatum from Donbass (NOT Russia) to Ukraine, and the Info War and ukrops shutting down my website and Paypal accounts.

Mark your calendar and set your alarm. TRUTH is the most powerful weapon, and we are gonna open fire!

Instant Karma. Ukrop nazi explains why they are "justified" to bomb and kill women, children, grandmothers, civilians.
"There are no peaceful civilians", he says. Then comes spanky time from the Hand of God (and Novorussian Army).
Instant Karma works just like that. English subtitles, looks best in full screen. Enjoy, SHARE!

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Looks like the ukrops have pulled their mad dogs back from Donetsk water treatment plant. Someone must have explained the consequences of continuing this major provocation. It is certain that they did not do it out of respect for Minsk II or International Law...

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Kids at Makeevka school celebrate Defender's Day. (RU)

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Very good article about the situation in the US and abroad.

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My first song about Novorussia, written, performed and recorded a few days before I left Texas for Donetsk in November 2014. Recorded in Grand Prairie, Texas below the flightpaths of D/FW airport. I don't know who made this channel or added the Russian subtitles, but I thank them. 

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Latest from the Front with FULL translation.
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