Nice marketing move, Apple. A bunch of my friends with an iPhone 4S swear up and down they're getting faster speeds now, lol. Yeah. Okay...

"Is iOS 5.1 making my iPhone 4S faster?

Dear Maggie,
I recently updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1. And like many others, I noticed that my 3G marker on my phone now says "4G." I read a bit about this online, but I wanted your opinion. ... After the update to iOS 5.1, I have noticed improved reception. Is it my imagination? Or was there something embedded in the iPhone 4S that wasn't revealed until now? Or is there no speed change at all?


Dear Carlos,
Unfortunately, as I explained in the previous question, the new 4G icon on the updated iPhone 4S is simply a marketing trick. It is meaningless when it comes to the performance of the device. The iPhone 4S still operates over AT&T's HSPA+ network as it always has. The iOS 5.1 update has not suddenly turned on any network enhancing hardware on the device."
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