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Russ Worthington
I collect ancestors and try to find and tell their stories
I collect ancestors and try to find and tell their stories

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Happy Birthday Sir +Michael Daniels

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Photo Darkroon
Photo Darkroom is a new feature in FTM2017. It will allow you do make some adjustments with an image in your Media Workspace, Detail View. Just below the Images is the button for "Photo Darkroom" This will open a simple photo editing tool on the left, where...

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FamilySearch Hints
One of FTM2017's new features is the ability to see Hints from FamilySearch, similar to what we have experienced from Ancestry. In the Plan Workspace, upper right corner you will see where you can Login or Logout of either Ancestry or FamilySearch. In this ...

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What is a Sync Weather Report
When you do a FamilySync™ you will see a new screen, the Sync Weather Report. The text in this "Weather Report" will most likely change, as this feature has just been turned on for us, the End User. I wasn't going to post this, because it might and will pro...

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An Evidentia Training Opportunity

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Cemetery Report using the Historic Place Name feature
Going to take a "road trip" to Pennsylvania to visit cemeteries where I know to have people buried there. How do I create a List of Cemeteries and who is buried in each? The trick starts with the use of the Historic Place Name feature [ Place detail (histor...

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Reader Question: Other Information in Citation in an AMT
Blog Reader Ann asked the following question: Russ, When you add a source on the Ancestry side of a tree there is a field titled ' other information '. Do you know where or if this information shows up in FTM on the desktop?  Now, I don't work in my Ancestr...

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Question from a Reader Mike: Handling (almost) identical citations when available from multiple sources. Example: a citation was created (using a template) from a source that was originally found only on FamilySearch. Now Ancestry has the same information a...

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How and Why I handle Unknown Names
How Do You Handle Female Names?
My friend Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings had a question about how he handles Female Names. I encourage you to read it. Dear Randy: How Do You Handle Female Names? It's been a while since I have blogged about this one, so here is my take on this subject. The ...
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