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Russ Terry
I am a Life Coach and budding media mogul who is changing the world, one person at a time.
I am a Life Coach and budding media mogul who is changing the world, one person at a time.

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I love the intersection of Life & Career Coaching. Most people come to me for career help, but often Life assistance "works" its way into the career discussion. This includes confidence, happiness, enjoying the process (vs. being attached to the outcome), & a lot more. Contact me if this sounds intriguing to you. #career #coaching

I've been working with a lot of people lately on informational interviews. Often, these informal discussions can lead to a job. Making an excellent first impression in them - and not saying something that's a red flag - is quite important. Contact me if you want to sharpen your skills in this area. #Career

What's your New Year's RUSS-Solution? How are you making out with it so far? Whoever comments here with the best goal wins a #FREE Coaching session with me. And ... GO! 

BIG NEWS! I'm excited to announce I'm now seeking participants for my FOURTH book on #gratitude: Grateful Kids! If YOU have a child who will be 18 or younger in 2018, I'd love to include a chapter on them in the book. All they need to do is keep a handwritten gratitude journal for a time period that works for them. Comment here or contact me if you're interested in hearing more about this opportunity. 

2 more of my clients got & accepted job offers last week, bringing the total to SIX people I've worked with who have new gigs since August. If YOU want to make a change, the formula I use with people is a great investment in yourself. Contact me for an exploratory session. January is prime hiring season, so the timing is perfect. #careers

What a shame about all the layoffs by big Pharma companies right before the holidays. Happy to have a #free #CareerCoaching session w/ folks let go. If anyone seeing this knows those affected, you can share my email with them:

My 2 books - My #Gratitude Journal & Our Gratitude Mission - make excellent holiday gifts. Can ship them anywhere. Contact me if you want to buy either or both for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. 

BIG NEWS! I'm experiencing a 1st this week! I'm giving 3 workshops at 3 companies in 24 hours! 2 of them are my popular "Live your best life" workshop and the 3rd is a NEW session all about succession planning, career development & a culture of internal mobility. As always, contact me ( if you want me to speak to your company or organization. 

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Offering a new program: Coached by Terry Tuesday. If you've never had a session w/ me, now's your chance to start. Best of all, you can sign up for 80% off my regular price. Here's the link to book your hour. Openings start next month ... 

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