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Russ Lambert
Father of five, youngest two have Autism
Father of five, youngest two have Autism

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Nearly half way through my first course on c4d with

We bought a Golden Retriever pup two months ago, one of the reasons we got him was, according to the National Autistic Society they can help Autistic children (we have two) with emotions and relationships etc. This morning our little lad had a mini meltdown, and ran in to another room shouting and crying followed by Max the dog, within 30 seconds meltdown over, Max just sat there next to him, and the meltdown was over, amazing to see. Great start to the day

Just got back from Molly's review at Pear Tree specialist school, I've got to say it, but the staff there are outstanding, what a great school. The dedication of all the team there humbles me. I just wanted to say Thank You to them all.

it's virtually light out now, so time for Henry and me to take Max the dog on his morning walk

is hoping that all of my American friends have a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.

just took Henry and Max the dog on a lovely bracing walk along the prom

can't decide if I should sign up with for some on-line training

It's only lunchtime, and I've managed to get a session in at the gym, and do all my house jobs for the day. Good for me......
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