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Thanks for sharing this, Kate. As an English teacher, I've always been a bit jealous of the MTBoS. Perhaps I'm missing out on a super interconnected web of English teachers. If so, I just haven't found it yet.
Mine was one of several on Friday billed in the "Leveraging Technology" strand. All the presenters appeared on a panel discussion at the end of the day. I give the NCTM program committee huge props for putting the strand toge...
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From what I can tell the math community does stand out. I include folks like +Frank Noschese in there because Physics is math not science, right? I digress.

Why? Some thoughts: As an English teacher, I don't teach many lessons. So my classroom blogging consists of a lot of "here's what we've been doing" as opposed to "here's this lesson to teach this concept, how could I improve it?" I do teach some lessons, but not as many as it seems Math teachers do.

I also think that unfortunately Twitter sucks up a lot of the mentally energy and brain time of teachers that are online. That leads to a lot of consumption of what others are doing. Obviously someone is creating what's being consumed but there's not the balance there could or should be. 
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Pictures from Wesley's 1st Birthday Party. The good ones were taken by +Seth Biesterfelt 
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I've started writing for

Then, something changed. There were a few days with nice weather. I saw grass on the ground. I started thinking about baseball. And I remembered that even though my family is my life, I can still carve out a place for myself. My kids need to see me having hobbies. (Billy Hamilton / Jose Abreu)

The first step was a decision: I changed my mind about quitting the league. I was in and I'd be ready.

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He's on fire!
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#gopro   #autowesome   #henrycam

We love warm(er) weather!
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Spider man does too! Looking good!!!
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I've been slowly working through all my old photo folders and using Google+ Photos Auto Backup to send them all to Google+. 

The nice part will be having them all backed up for free (it uploads them at 2048px for free).

The best part is all the #autoawesome shots it's making for me. Here's Henry from four years ago.
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I love Google Storage!  I've been doing the same thing, but I have to admit, I am paying the $1.99 a month to have 100GB, so I don't have to sacrifice any quality.
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Not sure if I've ever shared this Auto Awesome year-in-review video, before, but I'm writing a blog post about Auto Awesome right now and I need a link to it :)
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Great stuff!
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A few friends picked up iPhones recently and one asked me about apps I like. I figured other people may find it useful, so here they are with my favorites and most used listed first.

I wrote up micro-reviews on the 31 apps I've deemed worthy of taking up space on my iPhone.

#iphone   #apps   #review  
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Henry tried to replicate the toy review videos he watches every day.

Follow +Hobby Henry to get updates when he posts new videos.
Hobby Henry reviewed the Fisher Price Imaginext Rescue City Air Tower. Check out what comes with!
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So great. I don't know if I can afford to show my kids more reviews like this. They'll want to buy everything +Hobby Henry reviews.
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The first two months of our year, one second at a time.
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Delivery was more than a half hour late. As a teacher, I have a window of 25 minutes to eat lunch before I have students again. I have no control over that. So, when lunch is 30 minutes late, I do not get to eat lunch. I like to give restaurants a second chance, but we can't risk going without eating.
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Food was great. Service was too. I had battered cod and shrimp/crab bisque. They were delicious. We'll be back.
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Tons of covered slides and covered rest areas for picnicking or hanging out. Lots of areas for little kids and big kids.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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6 reviews
30+ flavors of soft serve, new hard packs every week or so, pies, specialty desserts, and blitzes (think Blizzards). All for the best prices of any ice cream place we've been. My wife and I will take our three-year-old here and spend $5 for the three of us.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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