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The beginnings of an inclusive society starts with the actions of one kid like this...
My eyes glistened under my sunglasses when I saw the positive impact a simple greeting from Billy had on my autistic son.

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Welcome edition...
Microsoft’s attempt at turning Minecraft into an educational tool will finally debut this September in form of Minecraft: Education Edition. However, the beta has just been opened for teacher…

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This would be great news for digitally blended families (Android and iOS)
Want to hear a really sketchy rumor just ahead of WWDC? According to a report from MacDailyNews, iMessage for Android will be announced at Monday's keynote.

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Glad to see Google and Apple putting money back in the hands of developers, although I have my doubts about the subscription model.

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Small improvements can make a big difference for the user.
Readers who search for news on Google's IOS app will now get select articles faster.

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Learning, Changing Minds, and become an influence as an organization or individual. Thought Leaders with real ideas are a supreme need in our time.
Thought leadership isn't just for individuals. Here's how your business can use thought leadership to shape people's perception of your company and...

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California's economy is robust enough that the Golden State is nearly at full employment, according to a closely watched UCLA Anderson Forecast released Wednesday, and the Bay Area has already reached that sturdy level."

Yet another reason to live in the Bay Area...explosive economy changing not only the region but the world.

California's economy is robust enough that the Golden State is nearly at full employment, according to a closely watched UCLA Anderson Forecast released on Wednesday, and the Bay Area has already reached that sturdy level.

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Wearable and powerful...

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A great leadership read...

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I am sometimes fascinated by how far behind Apple can fall without losing market share. Playing catch up!

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The future is getting closer..
Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer created the artificial intelligence behind Siri, Apple's iconic digital assistant, and one of the first modern apps to capably handle natural language queries on a...
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I watched some of the presentation and it was pretty impressive. I really liked the part where he sent money (via Venmo) to his friend and then purchased a hotel room. I'm definitely looking forward to Google Now adding capabilities like these. What I was surprised at was that Viv did not speak back to you. It could understand everything you said but there was no audio feedback. I wonder if they're going to partner up with someone to bring this to Viv in the future...
Husband, Father, Founder Digital Scribbler
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    Founder and CEO, 2011 - present
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Basic Information
Russ Ewell CEO, Digital Scribbler; Founder, HTG; Founder, E-Soccer.

HTG is a non-profit focused on using technology to overcome human limits. 

In 2001, HTG started the Hope Technology School, which is a nationally recognized full-inclusion school.  Hewlett-Packard recently featured the Hope Technology School in its Hacking Autism advertising campaign. 

As CEO of Digital Scribbler, my focus is on developing assistive technologies for iPhone and Android devices. My Digital Scribbler blog covers ideas, insights and the practical application of technology in the field of education. 

Recently, Digital Scribbler released its first app Quick Talk AAC.  Quick Talk AAC is an Augmentative Alternative Communication application, designed to help those with autism who are verbally challenged.  We have been gratified by the fact that it has moved beyond the autism community, and is now being used by a variety of individuals with verbal challenges. 

E-Soccer, is an all-volunteer inclusive soccer program founded in 2000. This program is dedicated to empowering both typical and special needs children of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential.  I was fortunate enough to receive the Jefferson Award and a Congressional Citation, in recognition of my service.

Google+ is one of my favorite places to engage and collaborate.  The variety of perspectives, opinions, and experiences here are a type of social education.  My primary interests are education and technology, and everything related to advancing the cause of those with intellectual disabilities. 

All opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading my profile,

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  • University of Massachusetts Boston
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