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Sry nope. I guess I'm not flowing in the dough to need to use Mint or similar apps/programs. 

Russ Ewell

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The short life and big impact of social media is amazing!
Make Your Social Media Strategy Soar [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Social media has rapidly displaced traditional e-channels as consumers' preferred method of interacting with each another and brands.

Currently, the social giant Facebook alone has more than 1.2 Billion members of which 56 percent check their accounts on a daily basis, while half of users under 35 seek social media product recommendations from friends and family.

So, what's this mean for you?

If your potential customers are social media savvy, having a strategy for leveraging these channels is imperative.

Here's an infographic created by infotech research group outlines why your business need to be in the social space.

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NEW POST! Quit Using The "R-Word" In Three Easy Steps #spedchat #iechat #rword || Terri Mauro Ellen Seidman R-word Campaign
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+Cory Lui: Stop being such a self-righteous retard.

Some articles just aren't worth reading. Not everything needs to be a goddamn cause. And I don't like people telling me what I can and cannot say in order to qualify as a good person and upstanding citizen. 

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E-Soccer and the Earthquakes!  What an incredible time spending time with this great organization and loves to support the community.  They have given us great support with our inclusive soccer program as exemplified by today.
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That's so cool! I always love when professional sports teams care about the community they are in, especially when it comes to E-Soccer :)

Russ Ewell

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Think Inclusive Podcast #009: How Can We Create Inclusive Sports Programs? with Russ Ewell
Tim Villegas has created an incredible network of relationships for advancing the cause of Inclusion. 

You can read more about Tim on his site, where the Podcast interview he inspired me to do resides. 

My microphone was not the greatest, but Tim does an extraordinary job getting me to talk about the journey of creating inclusive sports programs and schools…the journey which has been my life. 

Thanks to Tim, and I hope you find even a few minutes to give it a listen.
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Russ Ewell

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My Google Plus education was interrupted over the last few months so we could refocus at Digital Scribbler.  Fortunately I am back in the saddle and will again be able to benefit from the depth of knowledge shared in this collegiate environment.

Several things came out of my time away.  One of which I am really excited about..a new product for those with speech and language challenges.

We were able to develop Quick Type AAC (sibling of our Quick Talk AAC), which is a simple but powerful typing application for those with speech challenges.

This app allows those with communication or speech challenges to type quickly with word prediction..but there is more.   They can also share their thoughts or entire conversation via email, Facebook, or Twitter.   This is a big deal for apps in this space.   

We are very excited and hope you share it with anyone who needs a tool like is priced at 1.99 (we would make it free but we have to pay for the voices---unlike on Android---more about that later).
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Nice! This app is so useful!

Russ Ewell

Digital Scribbler Inc. has had a great year.  This allows us to put Quick Talk AAC on sale, which we have wanted to do for those whose budgets are tight.   Instead of 24.99 Quick Talk AAC will be 99 cents thru January 20.   Please let anyone looking for a comprehensive AAC solution.   You can read more here for the iPad version, and be aware it can be found on the Google Play Store as well as on the Amazon Store.

I will try to communicate a reminder down the road.  Thanks for your helping letting those in need know.  Happy Holidays to all!
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    Founder and CEO, 2011 - present
  • HTG
    Founder, 1997 - 2013
Basic Information
Russ Ewell CEO, Digital Scribbler; Founder, HTG; Founder, E-Soccer.

HTG is a non-profit focused on using technology to overcome human limits. 

In 2001, HTG started the Hope Technology School, which is a nationally recognized full-inclusion school.  Hewlett-Packard recently featured the Hope Technology School in its Hacking Autism advertising campaign. 

As CEO of Digital Scribbler, my focus is on developing assistive technologies for iPhone and Android devices. My Digital Scribbler blog covers ideas, insights and the practical application of technology in the field of education. 

Recently, Digital Scribbler released its first app Quick Talk AAC.  Quick Talk AAC is an Augmentative Alternative Communication application, designed to help those with autism who are verbally challenged.  We have been gratified by the fact that it has moved beyond the autism community, and is now being used by a variety of individuals with verbal challenges. 

E-Soccer, is an all-volunteer inclusive soccer program founded in 2000. This program is dedicated to empowering both typical and special needs children of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential.  I was fortunate enough to receive the Jefferson Award and a Congressional Citation, in recognition of my service.

Google+ is one of my favorite places to engage and collaborate.  The variety of perspectives, opinions, and experiences here are a type of social education.  My primary interests are education and technology, and everything related to advancing the cause of those with intellectual disabilities. 

All opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading my profile,

Russ Ewell
  • Boston University
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
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