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Deep into Russia!
Deep into Russia!

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Out of the thousands of Orthodox churches in Russia, one which really stands out due to its unique and striking appearance is St Petersburg Chesme Church.
It is known as the Chesme (or Chesmenskaya) Church as it was built between 1777 and 1780 to commemorate Russia's victory over the Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Chesme. Officially the church is known as St John the Baptist's Church at Chesme Palace.
Photo by Yevgenia Belyaeva´╗┐

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Lebedny Reserve
Altai Territory.
Photo by Aleksey Ebel

On the territory of the reserve there are several small lakes which do not freeze in winter due to the springs at the bottom which keep the water temperature around +4 to +6.
One such lake is Lake Lebedinoe (Swan Lake) which is the only place in Russia where swans remain all winter long in a continental climate. The population of swans here is also unique in being isolated from other populations. These birds spend their summers in the tundra around Salekhard. In recent years there have been between 420 and 450 swans in the lake, plus over 2000 wild and common merganser ducks.´╗┐
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A Chukchi child in traditional winter clothing. Photo by Evgeny Basov.´╗┐
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