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Think your company is safe from #malicious #attacks?

Unfortunately you may be mistaken. #Ransomware is becoming a large problem that is affecting more companies every single day, including large businesses such as The New York Times. Check out this article and then give us a call to discuss your options. If you aren't sure how secure your company's #data is, we can do a safety audit and implement a disaster recovery plan.

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Are you prepared for the unexpected?

How would your business cope with unforeseen disaster - flood, fire, or even worse?! What if you lost or accidentally deleted important documents and files? Have you thought about how this would affect your business? We have!

Ransomware viruses are becoming more prevalent each and every day, so there is a high probability of WHEN, not if, you will be hit with one. As of right now the only real solution is restoring from a backup as there is no solution for unencrypting the virus. If you don’t have a disaster recovery solution in place already, it could be too late.

We can help! Contact us today to get a tailored disaster recovery solution for your business.
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Continuous access to IT systems is #critical for a #business to maintain #growth and #profitability. Downtime, data
loss and lack of access to important #files could mean loss of sales in the short term and fewer customers and
profits in the longer term.

Using industry leading #technology, we offer a solution which monitors, analyses, protects and recovers your
critical IT systems so whatever the issue, your business keeps on running. And this is all for an #affordable,
monthly fee. Can you afford not to?

We work specifically with small and medium sized businesses, helping them increase #sales, reduce #costs and
above all, keep their customers #happy.

Find out how Rush Tech Solutions can save you #money by contacting us at (470) 210-7874, or via email:

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Is it time to replace your #computer, or does it just need an #upgrade?

- #Error messages

- You can't run the latest #software

- It is running slowly

- You're running out of space

- It's becoming noisy

- You spend more time fixing it than using it

Rush Tech Solutions can help take the edge off by giving you a free audit and #diagnosis, and provide you with suggestions.

Just give us a call so we can help speed up your #productivity.

Visit us at or give us a call, email. We would love to help fix your computer troubles! Our rates are very affordable and we offer a referral program. Our phone support is always free!

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Rush Tech Solutions would like to give back to the #community.

If you have a favorite #charity, or know of a charity or #nonprofit around the metro #Atlanta area who would benefit from our #services please let us know. We would like to offer our services free of charge to them.

You can find out more information by visiting, calling (470) 210-RUSH, or by emailing

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Are you performing regular #backups of your #data ? If not, this could pose a danger to your company and data in the event of a #network or #system failure.

Call us today for help setting up a scheduled backup system, or for data #recovery.
(470) 210-RUSH, or email us

#ComputerCrash  #DataRecovery

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As 2015 comes to a close, #tax season is ramping up. Those of you who own your own #business know that this brings headaches. It also means that you don't have the time to put forth into maintaining your IT.

Let Rush Tech Solutions take that headache away for you. You do not have to worry anymore with:

- 24×7 #Monitoring & Proactive #Maintenance: This is a valuable, because #24×7 monitoring allows for most issues to be identified and proactively resolved before they become major problems resulting in significant downtime.

- Comprehensive Reporting: RTS can provide in-depth reporting on error messaging, problem remediation and user activity. They can also offer frequent reviews of these reports so that you understand what is happening on your network.

- Staff Availability: #Managed #IT services allow you or your IT person to focus on what really needs to be done, instead of the day-to-day maintenance. It also allows your split resources, like Accounting or Operations, the ability to focus on their primary job, instead of worrying about the technology working properly.

- Efficiency: With the toolsets available to Rush Tech Solutions, your company can have more streamlined and efficient experiences. With proper planning and notification, patches and updates can be scheduled so that there’s no disruption to your business at any time or anywhere.

- Improved #Security: Protection for your network is arguably the most important aspect of a business’s #technology, especially during this time of year. Rush Tech Solutions offers solutions to monitor your #firewall, #antivirus and apply the latest updates and patches to ensure that your #network is as secure as possible.

Give us a call to help take a load off your shoulders.
(470) 210-7874

#computer #computerrepair

We hope everyone had a Merry #Christmas!

Let us help keep the #holiday spirit alive. Call Rush Tech Solutions to set up that new #computer, #tablet, or #smartphone you received as a gift.

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Do you know of a business, or someone that would benefit from Rush Tech Solutions' services this #holiday season?

If you are in need of a #backup system, #datatransfer to that new computer you got for Christmas, a #computer tuneup, #virus removal, or nearly anything #technology related, just give us a call so that we can help solve your technology woes.

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Are you performing regular backups of your data? If not, this can pose a very real danger of losing your data.

A new version of a threat that has been going around for a couple years now has been launched. TeslaCrypt targets files of many well-known extensions and then encrypts them making you pay a ransom to retrieve the files. Some of these extensions include .zip, .doc/x, .xls/x, jpg, and many more.

There is no solution to decrypting the files as of yet, nor has there been any real progress noted.

Contact us before it is too late so we can help in setting up a scheduled backup and data recovery system!

Call (470) 210-RUSH, or email
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