A Brighter Brizzle!
I've been following +Paul Newport 's pics over the last few days from this little event in Bristol (locals & those in the know, usually call it Brizzle!). Goes to show that not all Graffiti Street Art is destructive and it can really elp to brighten a place up!
More info at http://www.seenoevilbristol.co.uk
A chance to see some of the finished paintings from See No Evil, now that the crowds have gone. Mobile users you'll want auto rotate on your phones as some of these photos are long landscape panoramas. All taken today on a Galaxy S3.

I had a chat today with one of the artists, called Vyal. He was over from L.A. and was massively impressed by the event and said that he was going to go around some of the grimmer cities in the US, giving presentations on how street art can rejuvenate and reinvigorate a city.

Over 50,000 visitors came to the festival over the weekend, a great success.

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