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Been surviving the Earth life for the past 36 years, and counting...
Been surviving the Earth life for the past 36 years, and counting...

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Post has attachment Tri-Series 2017
Known to be the multisport series for newbies and amateurs, yet challenging enough for the experienced ones, the SBR Tri-series is back and bigger with a new "LITE" category. Now on it's 5th year, created the LITE category which is designed as a step...

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Tabata: An Explosive and Efficient Workout
Written by: Ashley Aucoin Countless fitness trends have come and gone over the years. Each one promises to help you slim down, tone up, and achieve your fitness goals. Everyone has a different goal in mind when they commit to a fitness plan, and with hard w...

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Pilipinas Trail Running Camp 2017
The trail running community in the Philippines has grown a lot lately and it has also attracted a variety of participants from regular road runners, fitness enthusiasts, mountaineers, and even couch potatoes. There's no doubt that many people are being draw...

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Run Limitless: Technologically Innovative Vehicles
by: Jeric Danao The roads these days are dominated by Honda Civics, Hyundai Accents and Toyota Altis, the Philippines have a traffic dilemma that has been a headache even before electric cars were thought of. With new innovations come new vehicles and befor...

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Legendary Trials Rider Danny MacAskill Stuns at Vermosa Active Revolution
Hotshot streets trial rider Danny MacAskill astounded Filipino bike riders and enthusiasts as he brought his renowned Drop and Roll tour to the country for the first time at Vermosa Active Revolution. The sports and active lifestyle expo was mounted recentl...

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The R.O.X. Gift Coach Will Help You Get the Right Gift for Their Adventures
Are you looking for an outdoor-related gifts for this Christmas season? Is your exchange gift wish list still unchecked and don't know where to find that card-sized multi-tool? Or do you just want to give a surprise present to that special someone whom you'...

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How to Protect Yourself from Mosquito-Related Diseases
by: Jeric Danao The monsoon season in the Philippines can bring a lot of things aside from heavy rains and typhoon signals. It is a season when all sorts of sickness like a simple cough and cold can thrive. Unfortunately, it can also bring more serious ailm...

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How to Motivate a Child to Study
by: Jeric Danao Several international schools in Manila have been around for years to give quality education and nurture the potential of students to excel in both academic and extra-curricular activities. The knowledge, skills, and values they acquire in t...

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Clean Your Car Emissions, Keep Earth Breathable
by: Jeric Danao A lot of us, although we love running or cycling, also own some kind of fuel-operated vehicles. And we all know that these vehicles emits carbon that contributes to smoke pollution in our environment. Who among you can relate when while you'...

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The Future of Space Travel for Filipinos
by: Jeric Danao Exploration of the solar system for the Philippines is not as farfetched as many might think. There have been steps made that lead to the reality of a space program in the Philippines. Imagine the doors this would open not just in terms of d...
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