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Interactive RPG interactions
Interactive RPG interactions

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Another step closer to the dark~
Here's the Cthulhu Dark Kickstarter video! The Kickstarter launches a week today, on Monday 29 May.

Do watch it, even if you don't usually watch Kickstarter videos. I promise you it's worth your time. And, as always, I'm grateful if you share it.

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Commentary on running an improvised and off-the-cuff session of Edge of the Empire.

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This is an exciting project~
Here's an idea of what you'll get from the Cthulhu Dark Kickstarter.

On the right is Cthulhu Dark Zero, the preview edition with its own cover, which you'll get once the Kickstarter completes. It includes the main rules, plus the setting London 1851. (You get it in PDF, but you're welcome to print it.)

And, when it's done, you'll get the full Cthulhu Dark in hardback.


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I expect good things from this crew.
I am thrilled to be launching this and hope you'll come along for this ride with me!

Here's some of the stuff Cascade has in it:
New playbooks
Expanded resources on making a cyberpunk setting including a genre deconstruction by PhD candidate +Clare Wall
Plugins (similar to compendium classes in Dungeon World)
A prepared setting in Taipei with a murder mystery inspired by Altered Carbon
and loads more!

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Excellent news~
I'll launch the Cthulhu Dark Kickstarter on Monday 29 May, two weeks today.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm! I really appreciate anything you can do to spread the word.

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An amazing work, for an amazing campaign~

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The long wait for a tremendous achievement is over~

729 pages!
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Backer rewards revealed for the recent Triple Ace Kickstarter: Imps
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