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=== Beautiful flowers ===

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+Mutita EdibleArt Warmly thanks fot your support dear friend! :-))

Rumiana Nikolova

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Hot Young Stars

New stars emerge from inside the Rosette Nebula, seen in this image taken by the National Science Foundation’s 0.9-meter telescope’s Mosaic camera at Kitt Peak National Observatory.

The brightest cluster of stars in the center of this photo lives about 5,000 light-years away from Earth

To identify the atoms and ions in these clouds, scientists filter the telescope images to reveal just the light coming from certain ionized gases.

The nebula would look reddish-pink to the naked eye. But only three atoms and ions are imaged here: Neutral hydrogen atoms show up in characteristic red, O²⁺ in green, and S⁺ in blue.

Credit: T. A. Rector, B. Wolpa & M. Hanna/University of Alaska Anchorage, WIYN & AURA/NOAO/NSF


#chemistry_in_space, #Rosette_Nebula, #stars, #universe, #space,  #nebula,  #spectroscopy,  #astronomy,
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Rumiana Nikolova

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Happy Caturday :-)))

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Rumiana Nikolova

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Wish you to Everyone a wonderful and successful Day !!

Hi....nice cat :-)))

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+Sirimada สิริมาดา Much appreciated your lovely comment & thanks a lot my friend!
Happy Sunday :-)))

Rumiana Nikolova

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+Anna Rimovska & +Tami Quigley Many thanks for your friendship and nice comments my friends! 

Rumiana Nikolova

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Cornell biomedical engineers have developed specialized white blood cells - dubbed "super natural killer cells" - that seek out cancer cells in lymph nodes with only one purpose: destroy them.
Cornell biomedical engineers have developed specialized white blood cells - dubbed
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Rumiana Nikolova

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Great capture,very nice colors and details !Have a wonderful day dear Rumi,warm greetings and hugs !;-) 

Rumiana Nikolova

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Cancer treatment that promises to 'obliterate' tumours to be given to patients for the first time.

British prostate cancer patients are to receive a revolutionary ‘seek and destroy’ treatment that promises to obliterate tumours. The so-called Trojan-horse therapy hides cancer-killing viruses in the immune system, enabling them to sneak into cancerous growths. Experts were stunned by the results of tests in mice, in which all prostate tumour was eliminated and the animals cured of the disease. Now, 15 men in Sheffield and Manchester are to start a clinical trial using the technique - the first time it has been tested in humans.
British prostate cancer patients are to receive a revolutionary ‘seek and destroy’ treatment that promises to obliterate tumours. A trial will be launched in 15 men in Sheffield and Manchester.
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Enjoy the excellent work of +Michael Linnenbach
Haussperlinge (Passer domesticus) zeigen das ganze Jahr über ein geselliges und soziales Verhalten. Viele Verhaltensweisen sind auf das Leben in der Gruppe ausgerichtet, der Tagesablauf ist stark synchronisiert.

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Rumiana Nikolova

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Wishing you to Everyone a great Weekend ! :-)))

~Autumn Flowers ~

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#flowerphotography   #floralphotography  
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+Svetlana NGlad you like this flowers, thanks you! Happy Monday and have a wonderful week also dear Svetlana, warm greetings and jugs!:-)-

Rumiana Nikolova

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+Andreas Ebert Much appreciated your nice comment, thanks you Andreas!

Rumiana Nikolova

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