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Rumiana Nikolova

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Many thanks ALL !!

Rumiana Nikolova

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+Lydia Kalke My pleasure you like this photo & thanks a lot dear Lydia. Have a wonderful weekend dear friend!

Rumiana Nikolova

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(░(¯ `•.\|/.•´¯)░) Have a Fantastic Day (░(¯ `•.\|/.•´¯)░)    

#Spring2015   #Flowerphotography   #Flowers   #Naturephotography   #Floralphotography  
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Happy weekend

Rumiana Nikolova

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Wow !!

h/t +Jeff Billings 
LOL - This will be a great  "Fish Story" #funny   #funnygifs   #fishstory  
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Rumiana Nikolova

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Great photographers !!

h/t +Georg Srama 
Georg Srama originally shared to Thanks a million!:
Thanks a million! - May 2015

+Georg Srama Photography​ curated by +Georg Srama​​ 
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beautiful post!

Rumiana Nikolova

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►  FOR  YOU  ◄

Warmly THANKS everyone for your SUPPORT with nice comments ♦ lovely plusses ♦ reshares - much appreciated !!!

#spring2015   #flowerphotography   #macrophotography   #floralphotography   #roses  
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+Medicine Tree Studios_Jerry Kittel Many thanks for your nice comment, much appreciated my friend! :-)) Have a wondeful weekend also!

Rumiana Nikolova

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Enjoy exellent work of  +Medicine Tree Studios_Jerry Kittel 
~The Journey Has Just Begun~
From the winter's snowfall melting in the Colorado high country and the springs flowing out from the Earth,  this waters journey is just beginning, once again...... Location:  Fish Creek Falls, Colorado
 Hopefully the monsoons will develop and drop some much needed rain for us here in the arid and drought stricken areas of the Southwest.

member of
+Best Top Photographer Group +Rinus Bakker +BTP Daily Highlight 
+BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)
#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins 
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#promotephotography by+Promote Photography
#colorado   #FishCreekFalls  
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Rumiana Nikolova

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Enjoy exellent work of  +Holger Hänisch 
Zuhause ist, wo das Herz eine Heimat findet.

© Fred Ammon
(1930), Aphoristiker

Home is where the heart finds a homeland.

© Fred Ammon
(* 1930), Aphoristiker

#photography #photographer #holgerhänisch #nature #naturephotography #natur #landscape #landscapephotography #germany #Deutschland #wood #wooden #house #miniature #merseburg #photomaniagermany #photomania
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Rumiana Nikolova

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Be Happy :-)))

h/t +Heather O'Neill 

#Inspiration   #Motivation   #Happiness   #Happy   #Life  
Don't worry bout a thing, cos everything gonna be alright, singing don't worry bout a thing
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Rumiana Nikolova

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~ One rose ~

#Bellesphotos   +Belles photos​ curated by +Jean-Louis LAURENCE​  & +Claudya Bonnet​ 
#flowercolors  +//flower colors//​ curated by +angelic labru​ 

#flowerphotography   #spring2015   #flowers   #rose  
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my pleasure you like it & thanks a lot dear friend +Anna Rimovska Hugs, kiss!

Rumiana Nikolova

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A new study says banning phones in schools improves grades. The study was published by the London School of Economics. It found that test scores increased by more than 6% where phones were banned. Low-achieving students gained the most from the ban.

h/t  +Mike Elgan 

Mike Elgan originally shared to Technology:
Should schools ban phones?

A new study says banning phones in schools improves grades. The study was published by the London School of Economics. It found that test scores increased by more than 6% where phones were banned. Low-achieving students gained the most from the ban. 

On the other hand, when in real life will students ever be without phones? 

What should schools do?


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Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Medicine ◊ Science ◊ Macrophotography
            PRACTICE MEDICINE ♥     I am Rumiana / from BULGARIA / for friends - I am  Rumi I graduated from Medical university and then remained as a lecturer at the university..  I worked in a hospital - in the surgical ward.. Now I work in shcool as physican. I'm volunteer in Bulgarian Red Cross                       My interests : - In the medical field - Photography - Fashion and arts - Public relations /PR / - I want to know more all areas of life and science - Politics..Philosophy - Good books and of course good music - Sports ..I love to dance and have fun My Google plus - page My page - Linkedin for Rumiana Nikolova I want to learn more about other countries..and new friends. I can introduce you to  my country and of course...with me...I will sometime talk about myself  and my experiences.  I will share the work of others ...You will get is my sense of laughter.Once  know me  - you will understand that I'm lady with a smile...always want to have fun... My desire is  for good friendship ! Thank you so much for visiting my profile page :))          SOME OF MY FAVORITE QUOTES:. "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" -  Socrates "Those who trade freedom for the illusion of security deserve neither freedom nor security "  - Benjamin Franklin THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE IS TO BE YOURSELF !!!                                                     
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