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Rumiana Nikolova
Attended University of Sofia - Medicine
Lives in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
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Happy Easter for you too dear Rumiana!!
☼Sunny greetings...☼
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Rumiana Nikolova

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Very Important Circle

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Rumiana Nikolova

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Sharing My April 18 Engagers Showcase Circle

Please Read This Part:

Here is my latest circle of engaging plussers. I share this circle made up of the awesome people who I follow and interact with regularly. If you received a notification then you are in it! I curate the be-jesus out of this circle and you don't get in just by doing the plus, comment, share  thing on this post. I make this circle up based on interactions on all of my other posts.

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Rumiana Nikolova

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~ Scientists have made a male Camel and female Lama hybrid called a Cama ~

#Scientists   #animals  
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just like you my friend , I'm realty interested to follow this kind of / some sort of / new creatures / news  dear +Rumiana Nikolova :-)

Thanks for this interesting new one !
It must be the 7th one in official news I guess ...
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♥ Rhysician
  • Rhysician, present
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Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Medicine ◊ Science ◊ Macrophotography

    I am Rumiana / from BULGARIA /

          for friends - I am  Rumi

I graduated from Medical university and then remained as a lecturer at the university..

 I worked in a hospital - in the surgical ward..

Of  four  years I work in two schools as a medic..
                    My interests :
  • In the medical field
  • Photography
  • Fashion and arts
  • Public relations /PR /
  • I want to know more all areas of life and science
  • Politics..Philosophy
  • Good books and of course good music
  • Sports ..I love to dance and have fun

My Google plus - page

My page - Linkedin

I want to learn more about other countries..and new friends. I can introduce you to  my country and of course...with me...I will sometime talk about myself  and my experiences.  I will share the work of others ...You will get is my sense of laughter.
Once  know me  - you will understand that I'm 
lady with a smile...always want to have fun... My desire is  for good friendship !

Thank you so much for visiting my profile page :))


"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" -  Socrates

"Those who trade freedom for the illusion of security deserve neither freedom nor security "  - Benjamin Franklin




Bragging rights
Participate in charitable initiatives ♣ I'm a volunteer in Bulgarian Red Cross ♣ Public speaker ♣ I participate in different projects ♣
  • University of Sofia - Medicine
    Medicine, 2013
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Friends, Networking
March 11
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