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Obscurity brought to light!
Obscurity brought to light!


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Impressive! 👌

Makeup is not used to enhance facial features anymore instead, it has become a new trend to use makeup as paints to make art on the skin rather than on the canvas. Tal Peleg is one of such exceptional makeup artist who does absolutely adorable as well as…

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This architectural design from Kazakhstan is the perfect home for nature lovers! 😍

Even if we are surrounded by beautiful scenery and thick green forests, the concrete walls block us from the nature or to say the very least, the concrete blocks never let us feel unified with the very nature that we are a part of. Kazak architect,…

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It's basically a luxurious super yacht that can fly! 🤓

Can’t decide whether to take the private jet or super yacht for your journey? No worries because money can buy everything including Sottostudio’s latest product – a Embrarer Lineage 1000E private jet with yacht-style grandeur. To be honest, you and I…

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Can't put this into words! :O

Diving in the pool is one thing and diving in serene oceans is another but, free diving in the Arctic is something that is completely incomparable with any other thing in the world. The experience does not just entail diving but shoveling a section of ice…

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Lucky kids!

Making children eat breakfast is no wonder one of the most dreadful duties but every once in a while, dedicated mothers surprise us with their creative ways to make the process easier. Anne Widya, the mother of four makes quirky sculptures from sunny side…

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Moving towards greener future one step at a time!

Green architecture is the new hip trend these days and we have nothing to complain about it since it is not only a breath of fresh air in the midst of concrete building but it’s actually good for us and the environment. Stefano Boeri Architetti has been…

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These creative tea infusers will make you fall in love with tea all over again!

Any creative mind would agree that tea is by far the best beverage one could ask for in order to relax and energize the brain with billion ideas. In that very spirit, we have compiled a list of the most whimsical tea infusers that just elevate the effect…

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Get to know which commodity brings most revenue to the countries all over the world!

As much as we like to think that we are completely independent the matter of fact is that, all of us are connected in one way or another and all of us get benefited by co-dependence whether we look at it from an individual perspective or from a global…

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Manta Resort's Underwater Room will take your breath away!

Underwater homes are no more a biggie these days with every hotel and resort taking up this idea to attract the tourists but Tanzania’s Manta Resort takes this concept to a whole new level with its Underwater Room. The tree-storied accommodation is 820…

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looking for reliable airlines? because safety comes first.

[divider] Even the extreme aviophobes will agree that air travel is by far the safest mode of transportation and the recent facts released by confirms that the past year has been the safest one in the history of commercial aviation.…
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