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Rui Carmo
I fix things other people design broken
I fix things other people design broken

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That awkward moment when Wi-Fi fails to work on your ODROID-U2.

Hey +Ricardo Cerqueira , what wi-fi kernel drivers/firmware are there in CM10.1 RC5? lsmod shows me that rtl8191su is loaded, but wlan0 is nowhere to be found...


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Quake III Arena in real life.

Hmmm. No, this isn't it, either.

sigh The Google Hangout Chrome Extension is so depressingly bad in terms of UX...

It strikes me as pretty damn obvious that Microsoft fared rather better when they gave away Microsoft Works and sold Office. 
Windows RT would benefit significantly from a similar strategy (Office Lite, anyone?)

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So great.
Today in 1978 :

 Dire Straits released their first major label single 'Sultans Of Swing', recorded on a £120 budget. The song was first recorded as a demo at Pathway Studios, North London, in July 1977, and quickly acquired a following after it was put on rotation at Radio London.

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"are you researching Android?" - why yes, I've been gawking at gadgets I can't afford. #creepy 

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Social mess indeed. The Talk icon is still there, and the Google+ Messenger doesn't talk to Hangouts.

Can anyone give me a heads up on the status of CM 10.1 for anzu? It's a tad frustrating to have RC2 on a Nook and be stuck on CM 10.0 on the Arc S.

I believe there are unofficial builds in XDA, but would like to know the hangups - is it blobs again?
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