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Looks like we are down for the moment! This is nothing to worry about. There is some maintenance going on near the server, so the shutdown is for safety.

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We're up! There may still be burps to come as the ISP makes its adjustments.

Update: It looks as though there's a big ISP issue at our host. We'll need to wait for it to resolve. They have a lot of work on their hands at the moment.

I maintain this is actually just shockwaves from Sandy declaring she would do something nice.

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The recipe that broke my hand mixer.

Was it worth it?


(There may have been pudding mix involved, also.)

If you're having trouble connecting, please try the IP ( We seem to be having DNS issues at the moment.

The MUX may experience some ISP maintenance for a little bit. If this happens and you need to boot an old connection, a quick +selfboot will help out.

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Good works made of awesome. You can support them through making purchases via Amazon Smile, through writing your legislature to vote for Life after Lab bills, telling others about the project, or buying products (especially beauty products) that aren't animal tested.

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Hip-hop beagles.

Zoe da dancing beagle
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