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Take FREE, yes FREE!! online classes from some of the top schools in the nation, in things like Computer Science, Humanities, Engineering, etc.

Participating universities include:
U of Michigan

with more universities signing on all the time. This started less than a year ago, when a Stanford professor decided to try and teach an AI class online. Over a million people signed up, and it was an amazing response.

Continue to educate yourself, for FREE!

And hey, if you want to tell your Mom you're studying humanities from Princeton or Computer Science at Stanford, we won't tell on you!
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Please reshare folks. They are adding new classes all the time. I'm a history/lit nerd despite my IT job, I'm thinking about doubling-down on the World History since 1300 course and the Greek-Roman Mythology course.
its good do see .. i am taking two courses :) ... recently many new courses have been added .
+Milica M thanks for the link. I am familiar, but it is a great resource for others here as well. :)
sooner or later it is how education is being done from higher secondary.
wow this is pretty awesome ... thanks for posting this!
Awesome progress! Makes you wonder why, with such technology, higher learning increases 7% annually in price.
I wonder if Huddersfield University will join in?
i think that is great for everyone who want to learn new things i will give you thumps up for that great job guys
That would be fun I'm disabled and just trying to keep my mind sharp.
Thanks for sharing that, I am going to have a look. Thanks!
Very useful . Thank you for posting .
Love this. I'm taking a few CS courses through Stanford. you still get college credits?continued education credits?? I may need to get my teaching certification renewed&this could help with continued education credits...since I've been a stay at home mom the last 8yrs.
I had no idea about this. Thank you for posting.
School is pointless. In the traditional sense, its an outdated system that contributes to the aimless drifting of individuals within our society. Find out what you love...Master it...and deliver it to people who want it.
I believe the idea is that you receive a certificate of completion from the university involved. At least that was the last plan I heard about, I'm sure there is an FAQ somewhere. ;)
From the terms of service: "For some courses, subject to your satisfactory performance in the Online Course as determined in the sole discretion of the instructors and the Participating Institutions, you may be awarded a statement acknowledging your completion of the class (“Letter of Completion”). This Letter of Completion, if provided to you, would be from Coursera and/or from the instructors."
Ben Xie
Certificates for this? It would be worth as much as a certificate for watching videos on YouTube. Nonetheless, I'm in for some CS, Finance and Stats classes.
What happened to Wikipedia? is it down?
It would be better if you received credit for completing the classes rather than a certificate of completion.
Love this. Learning is a great pastime activity. Can't get enough!
It isn't going to count towards a degree at this point, but if you're doing continuing Ed stuff for work or just for fun, this can go on your resume. ;$
Thanks! I found you through a friend who shared this. I remember someone mentioning this a while glad it got posted! I'm signed up for Stats 1, Game Theory, and Behavioral Neurology. I miss taking classes!
Started taking courses at MIT Open Courseware a decade ago - great start.. currently enrolled at Stanford in their Venture Lab 2012 course with plans to take a couple of courses at U of Penn.
Lots of UK unis too, including one of the most respected distant learning schools (the open university) offer quality material. I'd also add the online TED lectures - inspirational.
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