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I think what this girl did is a true example of sportsmanship. Of course Rush Dimbrain thinks otherwise. I'd love to see him try to run two miles. 
Meghan Vogel committed a simple act of human kindness during the state high-school track championships at Jesse Owens Stadium. A runner fell in front of her, she picked her up, and she did not think t...
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I'd like to see him try to run across a room.
That is an amazing act of sportsmanship. rush can go to hell with his 'manliness' bullcrap. 
I loved what she said at the end:

“I just kind of wanted to help someone else. To see an act of good sportsmanship should be something normal. Somebody falls, pick them up.”
Someone was really raised well....and it wasn't Limpbaugh.
What a thoughtful young lady. I hope that my kids show such grace and sportsmanship.
Limbaugh's a real piece of work.

And that was really cool what that young lady did.
Sunny D
That's because Rush would leave someone dying in the street in the name of "winning". She didn't have to do it but she did. She knew that the girl probably wanted to finish the race, by helping her, she did.
Sunny D
But from what I gathered, Rush was ranting about the referees not disqualifying Vogel for helping the girl.
The article covers both items (Rush's comment) and the person who makes the disqualification rulings who was there in person. 
Sunny D
+Rugger Ducky He ranted for about 10 minutes. I don't understand why he is still relevant.
+Sunny D Heckuva reason for a rant. I don't see how you just don't smile about this and think that, yes, there are still good people in the world.

I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.
He isn't a good person. He doesn't get that being a good person doesn't make you weak. What he probably doesn't know is that this girl had already run (and won) the mile race. She is a much stronger and wiser person at her age then he will ever be. 
I had a few jokes about this, being that she probably would've been more comfortable carried out on a stretcher than hobbling down the track, but sacrificing her own race for the sake of making a greater statement about being a good person by actually being a good person is admirable for everyone, especially young people.
fuck rush limbaugh, ill make sure that son of a bitch is on the bottom of the food chain myself, and that not one person is to "lend him a hand".
fucking trash.
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