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Ben Franklin wanted the turkey as our national bird. The majestic bald eagle was chosen instead. But I think robins are the most American of all. They bring hope to those stuck in miserable winters of despair.


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It's strange +Rugger Ducky but there's a move afoot in England to have the Robin as our national bird. Don't know about the American Robin but ours is an aggressive loner who can be seen fighting every other Robin that comes into its territory. Well apart from when it wants to mate and have little Robins of course.
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I am rather looking forward to this. 
Country music veteran Willie Nelson is set to open a chain of marijuana shops across the U.S. The 81 year old, who is a proud pot smoker, is planning to launch the dispensaries throughout America, ...
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And let not mankind bogart love.
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Yay for free books! You know what they say about reading a book a day..oh, wait, that's the apple I'm thinking of. In any case, books, whether printed or digital, are the greatest thing you can give and share with others.

Spread the love and the knowledge.
Here ya go! 

This collection features 700 free eBooks, mostly classics, that you can read on your computer, Kindle, iPad or smart phone. It includes great works of fiction, non-fiction & poetry.
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I was living in Georgia when Eric Rudolph bombed Centennial Olympic Park. When he took his crusade to The Otherside, a popular Atlanta lesbian bar, I called in to work and school and spent the following days there in solidarity with them. He bombed abortion clinics, LGBT people, and usually placed a second bomb to go off when first responders arrived.

That more people were not killed by him is only because of the rather crude bombs he used. Nails, scrap metal, anything he could pack in to do extra damage was in there. It was about shedding blood in a holy war for God to him.

And he hid out for years with the support of Christians who agreed with his actions.

Now another crazy right wing guy gets caught not only trying to hurt people, but to pin it on the scapegoat that he hates the most.

From Tim McVeigh to today, the worst terrorists are the homegrown local good old boys.

False patriots.

HT to +Cuntis Bacona​.

A man who described himself as a "patriot" confessed to placing homemade bombs in a Georgia park to help people realize "that this type of activity could happen anywhere," according to court documents obtained by TPM on Tuesday.
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Another day, another WTF.
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Couldn't resist. And of course I made myself a level 3, because who thinks the low level characters are really a threat? ;-)

Many thanks to +Chris Roop​ for showing me this.

Make your own,
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Love it, +Craig Fifield​. 
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I always loved this show. But it seems since Julia came out about crazy folks in the South, their public interactions have changed. Now they run them for political offices.

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i miss this show. so damn funny!
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The American Robin. The one bird that always means spring is coming, even when winter seems eternally dark.


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Well that's never a good sign, +Melody Polson​. 
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+Bruce Shark​ did you get out of that egg and start teaching bad things to duck dog?
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+Bruce Shark​ fish are friends, not Disney Princesses, right?

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Its possible. I usually take care to avoid Disney Princesses like the plague. 
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Ok, I love Tesla, and really wish I could pony up for a nice model. Soon. But meantime, I am always amazed at how the cars themselves are built.

A new software patch will enable you to never be out of range of a supercharger. And to map the most direct trips with charging on the way.

But here's the best part. Apparently all they need to be able to drive themselves now is a software update. Yes, I'm completely serious.

Musk also teased other features Tesla drivers can expect to see in the future and revealed how the high end electric cars are pretty much able to go from parking lot to parking lot without a driver ever having to touch the controls.

On a test route from San Francisco to Seattle, Musk said a Tesla driver barely touched any controls during the 800-mile trip.

"[It's] technically capable of going from parking lot to parking lot but we won’t be enabling that for users with this hardware sweep because we don’t think its likely to be safe in suburban neighborhoods," Musk said. "It will only be enabled once you're on a highway or major road."

And the very best part of all?

Another feature Tesla drivers can look forward to is called "summon," which can be used on private property to have a Tesla drive itself to you or put itself to sleep in the garage.

Tesla is making it impossible for drivers to ever run out of charge.
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I think he's been operating for years with the idea of "put all the capacity for these things into the cars, we will activate them when humans are ready".

Put all the gadgets you don't need in, because maybe someday you'll want that. 
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Found under an ice cream shop table. 
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Beautiful destruction. Amazing mind-boggling power, explosively devastating. The sort of things we humans can't resist looking at.

As Dostoyevsky said: Right or wrong, it's very pleasant to break something from time to time.

Read more about Tycho's Supernova and how learning about it has increased our knowledge of the universe:

An exploding star. To the sixteenth century mind this was as absurd as a flying elephant. It just did not happen. It was contrary to the order of nature according to which stars belong to the ". . . ethereal region of the celestial world which is free from change or corruption." The stars were symbols of the eternal and unchangeable, part of a system of permanence standing above the ever-changing, ever-corruptible world below.

Then, in November 1572, a star brighter than the planet Venus appeared suddenly in the constellation of Cassiopeia. It was noticed throughout Europe and in the Far East. The New Star or Nova of 1572 would shatter forever man's belief in the incorruptibility of the stars. The man most responsible for this rearrangement of the cosmic landscape was Tycho Brahe, a stormy, roisterous astronomer known for his acid tongue and silver nose.

Tycho, who wore a prosthetic silver nose to replace the one he had lost in a duel at age twenty, made accurate measurements of the position of the star relative to the other stars in Cassiopeia. For 18 months, though the brightness of the star declined steadily until it became invisible, its position remained fixed. This proved that the new star, or Stella Nova, belonged to the "eighth sphere" of the fixed stars.

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