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As if the Sheriff's Union has the right to do this. They're going to retaliate against the prisoners and their families, because they'll get less in kickbacks.

The changes are being made for a reason. For the Sheriff's Union and the telecoms to be hand in hand lobbying against people's access to a reasonably priced phone call to a relative in the prison system--well, that's an evil match where one hand washes the other.

They wouldn't be spending so much money to fight this if they weren't making a whole lot more. From those least able to pay.

I'm not even going to get into the whole problem with our prison pipeline, but this is just a sick and twisted use of it for profit. 
"They're monetizing human suffering and human captivity," said editor Paul Wright with Prison Legal News.
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Shades of Shawshank?
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She (spokesperson for police) said the supervisors of the officers involved, who remained on active duty, were now reviewing the case.

Oh yeah. Because letting their supervisors--who probably taught them racial profiling--review this is going to do what, exactly?

Our police are not above our laws.

I think every single county in this country needs a citizens review board. Someone needs to start policing the police, because they sure aren't policing themselves.
The footage shows one of the African American brothers being placed in handcuffs and patted down while the other is pulled from the car by an officer before being pushed to the ground.
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Wow. Parents called in the theft of their car and abduction of their child who was sleeping in it. Wind up getting arrested because they didn't understand why the police insisted on searching their home before actually going and looking for their car and child.

And not just arrested.

The PD can calmly explain their reasoning after the fact, but if the officers were never clear in that reasoning, well, I'd have probably been arrested in that scenario as well.

Red spot on the floor my ass.
The parents of an 8-year-old Fairfield boy who was abducted when someone stole the family car while he was sleeping in it Monday morning say they have hired a lawyer and plan to file a complaint against police, saying they did not initially handle the case properly.
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It doesn't matter what their point of view or thinking is. Their bias and power problem certainly delayed in some way the reuniting of this family.

Police are supposed to investigate. They are not judge and jury. This is a small potatoes thing compared to the abuses of power by police in this country, but it speaks volumes about the level at which they have placed themselves above the law and the people.
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The lawsuit was dismissed because he isn't really breaking any laws.

We have let airlines started merging again into monopolies, and price fixing between them has always happened. But this young man figured out something that flipped the game. Which makes him an absolute threat to them.

I've never used this tactic to save money on flights, but the airlines are being very stupid about it. If you're traveling to a major hub, say Chicago, it costs less to get a ticket to a smaller airport nearby with a layover in Chicago. Then just not board the second flight.

Frankly airlines could nip this very much in the bud by offering more standardized fares to each hub. But they won't, instead they'll blow and bluster and talk about how terrible it is someone created a tool that beats them at their own game.

Judge throws out United's lawsuit against 22-year-old computer whiz who found a way to get cheap airfare, rules lawsuit can be filed in different jurisdiction "The reason for dismissal is technical, rather than merits, which means the judicial system isn't stopping United from trying again unfortunately," he wrote on his GoFundMe campaign, that raised money for his legal fees. [...] of the suit, an Orbitz spokesperson told us that Zaman had fou...
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That's the closest I've ever done. ;-)
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Here there be dragons.

Maybe. Tiny ones at least.

A farmer in China’s Hebei province has discovered the fossil skin and bones of a strange feathered dinosaur, and its curious wings are puzzling scientists from Beijing to Berkeley. A team of Chinese dinosaur experts reported Thursday in the journal Nature that they have gathered the animal’s fossil fragments and are trying to determine just where its wings might fit into evolution’s long history of experiments toward bird flight. Two of China’s...
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Find all the dragons!
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Rugger Ducky

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As a Seahawks fan, welcome Nate.

Exactly the kind of player Carroll can mold. Someone who just doesn't quit.

Watch as undrafted free agent Nate Boyer gets the call from the Seahawks. 

#UDFA #GreenBeret   #SeahawksSalute  
Long snapper Nate Boyer was offered a contact with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent moments after the draft.
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Welcome to the Seahawk family Nate Boyer! Watched you in college at Texas and appreciate your service to our nation! #GoHawks  
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MFW I finally have to accept that someone I've cared about as a friend for years will just never understand certain things about me. No matter how many times you try and tell them.

A closed mind shutters ones heart as well.

Or hearts, if you're a time lord.
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I remember years ago there was an ABC After School Special titled What If I'm Gay?

My friends and I thought it would be more entertaining if it was about the teenaged son of a powerful mob boss, and called So What If I'm Gay?

I have no idea why this was the first thing to pop into my head reading this post and comments, but I have ... issues.

Lurve ya, +Rugger Ducky​​​.
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If you're a black or Asian woman, you have a significantly higher chance of dying from cancer than landing an executive position in Silicon Valley.

Asian women faced a "double whammy" of racial and sexual discrimination, according to the report. The study found there is only one Asian female executive for every 287 Asian women professional jobs at the five companies. By comparison, there was one white female executive for every 123 white women in professional jobs, Ascend said. The ratio for white men was one executive for every 87 professional jobs.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google, Yahoo and other major technology companies are far more inclined to hire Asians as computer programmers than to promote them to become managers or executives, according to a study released Wednesday. Ascend, a group focused on Asian business issues, based its conclusions on 2013 data filed with U.S. employment regulators by five Silicon Valley companies — Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and L...
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Three men have been arrested on drugs charges after police were met with an unpleasant scene at a London address in which a toilet was found overflowing with what appeared to be cannabis.
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The sad part about this is that there's maybe an oz of low quality weed there. But now they're gonna scoop it out and weigh it wet. Many years ago, before WA legalized, an uncle was arrested for growing. They weighed everything, even the dirt in the pots. 
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Even the Faux News host wouldn't buy this load of bullshit.

Her behavior is so very unchristian all the way around. Because really, who would Jesus hate? Would Jesus have called the Samaritans savages?
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Trying to start a war in our own country. It's complete bullshit.

Rosa Parks my ass. More like George C. Wallace.
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Normally I don't do these kinds of reshares, but...
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oh that guy... we are presently going through our bush years, climate denial, removal of funding for domestic violence support, rich getting richer the poor getting taxed to help the economy while big companies like google and microsoft and apple pay zero tax in australia...
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So, if the driver used an incorrect turn signal, the police have to pull everyone out and arrest them?

Nah, I agree, he was arrested simply because of what he had recorded. 
The man who recorded one of two videos showing Baltimore cops dragging a screaming Freddie Gray into the back of a police van was arrested Thursday night, two days after voicing concerns that police were trying to intimidate him by plastering his photo all over the news, saying they wanted to interv...
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As I read one of the stories, they were stopped because the man who shot the video had made eye contact with an officer while driving by.  So even though a passenger in this car, his friends were targeted.  Doesn't take much to cause police detention.  After all the basic premise of the stop for Freddie was that there was eye contact and he fled.  That is legal in Baltimore.

No end of "legal" ways to intimidate and harass.  No end of ways to create an incident and then press charges.  Hey, no evidence found - just plant it.  Our American society evidently believes it is safer for the police to "protect us".  After all, as George Bush the Senior said: "A suspect would not be a suspect unless they are a criminal".  "Nuff said.
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