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There's a reason the Pulse Massacre hurts so bad. It's because it could have been any of us. Clubs like Pulse have been for many decades the only truly safe spaces that many GLBTQ people have. Especially for those in rural areas, but even for those raised in a city, clubs like this are where we first find acceptance.

I went through that stage so many of us do. When I hung out at the club with my lesbian friends, but I wasn't out. It took some time to see the safe space for what it really was.

When The Otherside Lounge in Atlanta was bombed, I was bartending in a club in Savannah. We all wondered if we were next. Eric Rudolph went years without being caught, and it put a strain on so many that had so much to fight against already. Of all his bombings, that is probably the least known.

Now a closeted self-loathing homophobe who by all accounts has been unhinged many years has come directly into one of our safe spaces and murdered 49, and wounded scores more. Tore apart whole families. Killed people regardless of skin color, based solely upon hate for their existence as GLBTQ.

Now more hate pours forth from the same places it always has. But when you've taken the safe spaces from people, they have no choice but to fight back for survival. We ask all our friends, family, allies, to join with us to say that this is the end of discrimination and hate against us for immutable characteristics. Stand up against the hate. Remember the victims of the Pulse Massacre, remember their humanity. Their stories, ended too soon. Help turn this whole country into a safe space.

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I just have to say, because I love it there, #NotAllCanadians 
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The police and sheriff's unions are the worst part of the problem. They inflame the police into abusing people of color, while protecting them from any real repercussions.

Our slave system is broken. It's long past time to fix the problem that was never solved by the 13th Amendment. It's long past time to break the power cycle between the police unions and the for profit prison system.

If ads like this represent police attitudes towards racial profiling in San Francisco, one of the most liberal cities in the country, is it any wonder we imprison more of our citizens than any other nation?
The union representing San Francisco police officers published a photograph of two dogs in its monthly newspaper that critics say belittles the Black Lives Matter movement and raises questions about the police force’s commitment to repairing its relationship with communities of color. The picture, which appeared on the back page of the August issue of the San Francisco Police Officers Association Journal, shows a pair of Labrador retrievers, one...
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funny thing is that they feel no shame for bigotry.
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Inadvertent scrap wood fail whale. Even has a lovely eye.

So tempted to just sand him a little and drill him a blow hole. To fill with whatever people put in pipes these days. It's maple, so good safe wood for that. 
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ahhh ok
nevermind ; )
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I want a farm grant. 
Bet you didn't even know this was happening. Thanks, Rush Limbaugh!
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peter k
There is no gay (farm) mafia. fnord
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A good explanation of how people wind up in the prison system without having committed any crime. Other than being poor and/or not white.
There's an Ouroboros-esque system in place in so many American communities, and it works like this: Middle class and, especially, upper-middle class whites, predominantly, run both the companies and courts in a county or town. Each pays the other, but there's no direct exchange of money. Instead, courts over-fine the poor, especially those of color, for the smallest infractions of the law, which enters them into the "criminal justice" system, from which there's no escape. Once in, cops, judges, prosecutors, jailers, parole officers, and other parasites, all feed on this directly for their incomes with no regard as to what their leechlike behavior does to the affected.

Initially, a person is fined for, say, a broken tail light. They're already scrambling to make ends meet, now they have to cough up a couple hundred dollars for a replacement auto part AS WELL AS THE FINE. They can't buy it, and a warrant is issued, along with a second citation. Now, the "criminal justice" system is into them for 3 times as much as the original fine. Then, when they can't pay again because it's simply too much - which the court INTENDS - they're incarcerated, and fined for THAT! Upon release, they're handed over to a probation officer - or private company - to whom they have to pay MORE money, on top of the already egregious fines.

Why don't other community leaders speak up about this abuse? Because they benefit from it! Here's how.

Those "leaders" need minimum wage, low-earning workers to staff their poor-working-environment companies. In a better world, those jobs would pay much more because otherwise, no one would want to do them. Think animal slaughterhouses and processing plants, for example. So, the company owners - the community's "leaders" - support and help get re-elected the local judges and sheriffs who oversee their community's Crime Incorporated, "criminal justice" system. In turn, the business owners get a never-ending supply of cheap labor to use AT WILL in their shitty jobs. They know they don't have to pay a decent wage, especially considering the horrid working conditions, or offer valuable benefits because if a person quits - or gets put in jail - there will be 10 more looking for work the same moment - literally the same MINUTE - because they need money to pay their own fines into the system.

And they do it in plain sight.

If you're not offended by that, then you're probably profiting from it, and if you're not speaking out, you should be!

Thanks to +Beorn Borg for the video link and conversation in a different thread, which prompted me to get pissed off about this. Again.

I'm sure that both +Rugger Ducky and +Valkyrie will have some input on this.
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Dr Jen hits this out of the park again.
Donald Trump is talking about Hillary Clinton’s health as are two doctors who have never evaluated Clinton. They have apparently diagnosed her with all kinds of ailments using the l…
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peter k
Tripping on Elvis?
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San Jose PD is overwhelmed. More bad apples, and their pay was cut tremendously by the previous city mayor. They have already cut almost every task force, you quite literally have to file police reports online for burglary, car theft, and any non-violent crime. They don't have the officers to keep up with the city, we have already had 30 murders this year. That's a many year high.

Meanwhile the city continues to make deals with companies like EBay, Google, and Adobe for tax exempt business properties. They use the resources, but pay less than a city homeowner.

This is one screwed up town.
Search warrants served at several San Jose locations beginning this morning, per police source and witnesses. Multiple agencies involved. Beth Willon · 24m24 minutes ago. Beth Willon @bethwillon. @robertsalonga BREAKING: @SanJosePD officer arrested in police sweep targeting Vietnamese gang ...
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+Herb Burnswell - Just use the center console touchscreen in your Tesla. If, like me, you don't have a Tesla, you aren't actually qualified for police protection and instead may be arrested.
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If the country is scaring the hell out of you, read this. A little bit of redemptive love. How a community really shows it is a community.

Many thanks to +Hari Bhanu​ and +cobalt please​ for brightening my day. 
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Very well written piece.
By dramatic numbers, people of color have, in no uncertain terms, expressed their horror about the possibility of what a Trump victory in November would mean. It is White America that has yet to decide which way it plans to pull.
The GOP nominee’s greatest legacy will be that he forced us to confront racist demons we thought were mostly behind us.
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+Michael Verona I think he had a bit of an epiphany. The sort Colin Powell had when he realized his impeccable reputation as a straight shooter was evaporated as quickly as the lies of yellowcake uranium did. 
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We really should be ashamed. We force women to keep unwanted pregnancies by making abortions difficult and expensive, and we don't have health care for all. It's a toxic soup of political bullshit that costs women and infants their lives.

You can't have good maternal and fetal care in a country that treats women as not equal.
U.S. women are more likely to die during childbirth than women in any other developed country, leading the U.S. to be ranked 33rd among 179 countries on the health and well-being of women and children.
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+Lerato Majikfaerie​​​, +Marla Caldwell​​​ Thanks. :)

I am grateful we have C-sections (and other forms of modern medical care). I was born via a C-section that saved my mother's life and mine (I'm also grateful that neonatal care had advanced sufficiently that I survived being born early). And most of the time, I have no regrets, or at least none worth bothering about. I talked myself around the disappointment of not getting to birth my own kids. Now I say "I took a knife for my kids" - when I think about it at all.

But it's a little weird for me, because I associate with a lot of earth mama types. My closest friends all have had home births, and several others used birthing centers or are themselves nurses or midwives. So I'm in the position of really supporting childbirth education, minimal intervention, home births, and so on... and have only had C-sections. Ah, well. As I often say, if I had to pick a part of having babies to be bad at - conception and gestation, labor and delivery, or nursing and postnatal recovery - I would absolutely pick labor and delivery. We have a lot more and better options for dealing with problems at that stage. 
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Another fur buddy lays down his life to save the smallest of the family.

I have a dear friend who retired not long ago from the military. When I served with her, she was one of the finest officers I'd ever known. She saw more than one can imagine in her career, but it took something..small at the end of her career that finally..opened up a reservoir of pain she didn't know was there.

She was flying in medevacs in and out of Afghanistan. At the end of her tour, they were loading a coffin up to take back to the US. A dog handler. His dog was leashed nearby as the coffin was offloaded from the hearse and prepared to be taken into the aircraft. The dog broke loose, ran to the coffin, placed both forepaws on top of it, and howled. My friend still hears that dog crying as his best friend was taken away.

We all have stories about how a beloved family pet has saved our lives, in literal and figurative ways. They ask for so little in comparison to what they give us back. If only we humans could act a little bit more like our furry companions, how much nicer a world this would be. 
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I don't have a dog, but I have three shared cats. I've been...sick lately, and the cats know. They insist on being wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, and they're either on me or just watching me closely. I've never been so loved.
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Oh, we got ourselves a Dutch all lives matter hero on the Ploos! After spending two days derailing a very excellent post about why #BlackLivesMatter is important, he pops out with this gem.

I'm looking forward to hearing about how he was shot while saving small children from dangerous rapists. A couple of times. 
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Someone said Fraggle Rock? I watched it in my mid-20s, when it stopped coming on TV any more. 
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