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Wearable tools for a superhuman workforce.
Wearable tools for a superhuman workforce.

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Today we will address three areas we hear feedback and comments on: Our outdated Android software, our outdated hardware and our delivery timeline. We have some big announcements on all fronts that we are excited to share.

We started on Indiegogo with a consumer product to change wearables for the better and begin the movement to get rid of everything in your pocket. We had a successful campaign and we wouldn't exist without every single one of those thousands of supporters.
While continuing our growth we began to understand the potential we had to do good in the workplace - outfitting workers in the US and across the globe with tools that not only make their jobs easier, but actually help keep them safer in hazardous work environments.
Assisting workers in some of the most labor intensive industries do their jobs better and keeping them protected is an integral part of my mission as CEO and a big part of what drives everyone at Rufus. I’m in three unions myself and grew up stocking shelves and unloading deliveries from UPS, FedEx and suppliers on the loading dock in my great grandfathers hardware store that was opened back in 1904. I walk around warehouse floors today and see the same technology I used when I was a kid on that loading dock and in those store aisles. Rufus has grown and we have taken on the mission to change the way people work and protect the people that build, innovate, and keep our world moving.
Our consumer facing side will be closing tonight at 11:59pm PT to any future pre-orders. We will honor every previously placed pre-order. For business inquiries we can be reached at and we will continue answering questions and feedback using
Going forward, our efforts will focus on changing the way people work, and bringing workers and automation together… making employees jobs easier and safer.

Our team has been working over the last few months on addressing everything with a final shipping version of the Rufus Cuff that is revamped from the inside out. It's a result of everything we have learned building the Rufus Cuff prototype and listening to all of you. Let’s get to it.
The current Rufus Cuff project began a while ago and our software was built on Android Kit Kat. At the time it was great. Shipping in 2017 with KitKat? Not so great. We have fixed that. The shipping version of the Rufus Cuff will ship with Android Marshmallow.

We’ve upgraded everything and incorporated the Exo (battery and ruggedization) into every RC. It’s bigger, badder and faster with full IP68 (Water/Dust) protection. The new screen resolution is beautiful with Android Marshmallow. You can upgrade your own storage with an SD card slot. And, yes, the bezel around the screen is back to black.
Here are some of the the highlighted upgrades:
Android Marshmallow
Quad-Core Processor
4.3” Hi-Res Screen
5MP Front Facing Camera
Vibrate Alerts
8GB built-in storage
Micros SD Card Slot
Motion Sensors & Compass
Forward Facing LED/Flashlight
Shock, Dust & Water Proof (IP68)
All day battery life

You’ve waited a long time for the Rufus Cuff to ship. The original version you ordered doesn't meet the technological needs of today. The software and hardware of the updated RC do.
We have been very busy the last few months working in secret on the updated RC for everyone. Hardware design is complete. Software is complete. Industrial Design is complete. Refined prototypes will be in our lab in 3 weeks for final testing/fit. Shipments will begin this May to ALL supporters who have previously placed orders - and they’ll come with all the hardware and software upgrades mentioned above.
We appreciate the feedback and comments you’ve all given over time. Over the next few weeks we will begin sharing images, software demos, and prototypes. We’re excited to be shipping a product that meets todays user needs, runs updated & more secure software and looks like something Batman would wear.
This has been a lot to keep under wraps. We’re excited to share this awesome news with you, the earliest supporters of Rufus.
Rebel On,

Hello Everyone,

We’ve been listening to your feedback and comments on the state of the Rufus Cuff delivery,
the hardware and the software. We’ll address it all on Feb 20, 2017 with an announcement we
are very excited to finally share.

Thank you,

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From our team to yours... have a wonderful and safe holiday season. #rufuslabs #happyholidays

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Recently, Rufus was asked to participate in a PSA for the Latino Donor Collaborative to highlight one of our AWESOME investors and mentors, Noramay Cadena. Noramay is a co-founder at +Make in LA, a Rufus Labs investor, and a big part of our success.

Founded in 2010, the Latino Donor Collaborative works to reframe and advance an accurate perception, portrayal and understanding of the important contributions Latinos make to American society. Through a nonpartisan agenda that partners with media, advertising, politics, corporate America, and civil society, the LDC works to bring further understanding and appreciation to the impact made by Latinos in society, politics, and commerce.

Please watch and share the video with your friends and family.

#latinodonorcollaborative #makeinla #investor #startups #accelerator #hardware #rufuslabs #wearable #technology #rufuscuff #enterprise #3pl #solutions 

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Check out the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Startup Founders!…/the-ultimate-holiday-gift-guide…/

+Emergen-C Channel +IdeaPaint #wearabletech #giftguide 

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Do wearables really improve the guest experience? Find out Rufus Labs CEO's insight:

Rufus Labs featured in this week's Built In Los Angeles Tech Roundup! #hyperloop #snapchat #google #spotify

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Rufus Labs wins the #ibmsmartcamp Los Angeles Finals! We're headed to the #IBM Global championship next. Big thanks to Amplify.La for hosting us. #wearables #3pl #logistics #warehouse #b2b #saas
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Happy Halloween Wrist Revolutionaries! Get spooky and stay safe :) 
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