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Let's try that last post again with a better link. 

I know an adorable little girl named Maddie. I did a show for her last year when she was fighting cancer. Last week her family found out the cancer is back. A friend of mine is doing something awesome for her this Christmas. Help if the spirit moves you. From my friend +Terry Coates   ...

Howdy Friends, I'm sure you noticed the very sad news that Maddie (my best friends little girl) has had a relapse with her cancer.
The family is putting together a VERY SPECIAL Christmas for Maddie and it would be awesome if you guys could help. Alex's sister started a wishlist on Amazon and we are looking to give Maddie the best, biggest Christmas she could imagine. We are going to donate a huge house that we are turning into a Castle for her (She's still hooked on Frozen) and we want to have as many presents under the tree as we can! Here is a link to the Wishlist.
You can have items shipped directly to us, and we will wrap and put under the tree for her. Send to:
Terry & Sheresa Coates c/o Maddie at 4155 Canada Court, Carmel, CA 93923.
Feel free to send a card, donation, or note of encouragement!
Please feel free to forward this on to anyone who you think would be interested in helping! Maddie is an amazing little girl who has been dealt a horrible hand... let's give her a Christmas unlike any other! I can't thank you enough... If you have questions, call 831.206.1003 or email me at:

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What the actual Eff, brain?
I just found out for the 87th time that I am losing TGB for a week. She is going to Wyoming. First she was going, then she wasn't, then she wasn't sure, then she wasn't, then... she's fucking going. So she is getting an all expenses paid trip to Wyoming. I ...

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I could see the city lights
I screwed up my iTunes and have to go back and reinstall all my music. Long story short: over the course of the last year I created so many fucking duplicates I finally deleted everything and started over last night. I love me some Frank Turner but, for fuc...

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This chick, yeah, she's a badass
I have a new crush. Her name is Angaleena Presley . I blame Charlie. I watched a live broadcast of an Angaleena concert because I am a firm believer in supporting my friends' endeavors. Charlie left a life behind and decided to pursue a life in music manage...

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I was cranky then I found this video and now I am happy
Not every word play is a pun. A lot of people seem confused about that. It used to be fun to get punned by people who know I hate them. Now everyone does it. And it's everyfuckingpuntheyfindontheinternet . With zero attention paid to whether it's been poste...

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The Hitter, The Quitter, & The Shitter.
#Resist #TheResistance #Indivisible
#MAGA (by Jailing Trump)

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I'll find a place for me and you
I had thoughts this morning. Then I heard the new Emily Barker. Thoughts ceased, tears commenced. I love the description of the song in the video. In a nutshell, and paraphrasing badly, it's about a dude trying to get his family out of bombed-to-fucking-hel...

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Somebody improved this song
I am awake entirely too early. We had a double feature date night last night. J-Law and Kate B for me, Chris Pratt and generic white guys for her. I think movie critic  is the most bullshit, made-up job ever. And stupid people keep encouraging it. Every tim...

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I suspect I will lose two of my eight readers
I went to bed annoyed. I woke up at 3:47 this morning annoyed. In the last couple of days there seems to be a trend on social media of people telling the rest of us what we are allowed to joke about. Rape. Molestation. Suicide. Mental Illness. Faith. Weight...

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Don't mind me, I'm just babbling
Fours years of high school, eight semesters of English: B D+ F F F F D D+ Summer school and night classes brought those Fs up to passing. Barely. Yet, my arrogant ass thinks I can write a thing and people will read it. At least seven of you are reading this...
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