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Rudolph Furtado
Works at Owns Investment portfolio management.
Attended Christ Church School(1968 to 1977)
Lives in Mumbai(India)
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Rudolph Furtado

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All India is talking about the Political "CYCLE ELECTION SYMBOL" of Lucknow. Have you visited Lucknow the once city of Nawabs ? A Guide.
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Rudolph Furtado

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Understanding a common Mumbai fisherman's job.
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Rudolph Furtado

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"YOU CAN ACTUALLY COUNT YOUR MONEY THEN YOU ARE NOT A RICH MAN " and "Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells".
said the late tycoon J.Paul.Getty.
According to the Forbes list, Microsoft founder Gates is the richest individual with a net worth of $75 billion.
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Rudolph Furtado

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Saturday(14-1-2017) :- Any "MODELING ROLES" for a 56 year old fitness fanatic ?Would like to earn some "Pocket Money" at my age. Ha Ha Ha hee hee hee ! At the "M.G.M.O Pool" at Shivaji Park in Mumbai a day before the "Mumbai Marathon" tomorrow . I cycle daily from Prabhadevi to Shivaji Park and swim a average of 28 Kms in a month or a mile a day. .Any sponsors for swimming all the straits ? I hope i am a "ROLE MODEL" for the millennial generation in maintaining "PHYSICAL FITNESS" Rock Icon Mick .Jagger and late Indian filmstar Dev .Anand are my idols of ageing gracefully. Who is yours..
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Rudolph Furtado

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The "CYCLE" is centre stage news .Now only if more Indians used the common cycle as a means of commuting and a physical fitness vehicle.
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Rudolph Furtado

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You might be reading about the "Sub Zero Temps" of these European City's at present in Winter . Please visit these city's in Summer once in your life-time if you have the time and money. A guide to the budget adventurer.
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Rudolph Furtado

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Sunday(15-1-2017) :- Never ever a "Marathon Runner" but always a "Middle -distance Runner" and now a change of sport from running to swimming becoming a "Marathon Long Distance swimmer".Watched the "Half Marathon" runners pass along Prabhadevi next to our building and later watched the excellent educative and informative live telecast on "Star Sports 4" from home with my two cats.Excellent with the Men's event won by Tanzanian Alphonce.Simbu and the Women's by Kenyan Bornes. Kitur. The Indian's men event was won by Kheta.Ram and the Indian Woman's by Jyoti.Gawte.
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Rudolph Furtado

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IF visiting Shimla and interested in Theatre then pay a visit to the oldest theatre in India.
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I have been a marine engineer sailing the "SEVEN SEAS" since 1983 voluntarily retiring from sea life in 2008.
At present dabbling in investments and managing my own personal wealth !
Wild-life enthusiast and sports conscious, a investor on  the "Stock Markets"  and actively striving to legalize "SPORTS BETTING" in India. 
Writing and blogging as also travelling are favourite hobbies. Single and unmarried and have had various pets in my household.At present have 2  Traditional Persian cats "Matahari" and "Matata" as my non-human companions.My oldest pet of 22 years ,India's wonder parakeet "Mittoo" expired mysteriously  on Monday(10-3-2014) while i was on a travel sojourn to Bhutan.He was my non-human son who shared my life for 22 long years and now lives in my living room through the art of Taxidermy and on the "Internet" as a " Mascot" on the sports speculation game titled "MITTOO ALIAS MITTOO THE POPPAT"..


Bragging rights
A "CAT" that has survived 9 lives.Would the 10th be fatal?A survivor of numerous death defying accidents.
  • Christ Church School(1968 to 1977)
  • Kirti.M.Doongursee College(1978-1979)
  • Mazagon dock Marine Apprentice course(1979-1982)
  • Marine Engineering College(South Shields)
    Marine Engineering., 85 - 86
    Marine Engineering(Class 2 Part B) Exam Course at South Shields College in North-east England.
  • Assorted Marine Engineering and Sea Fitness course.
    Marine Specialised Courses.
    1)Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue boats(4-1-2000).(Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research) 2) Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities.(28-11-1998) (School of Synergic Studies,Mumbai) 3)Medical First Aid( 17-1-2002) 4) Specialized Training Programme on Oil Tanker Operations.(16-10-1998)(Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research) 5) Advanced Fire-Fighting Course.Refresher Course (.25-2-2003) (Shipping Corporation of India Ltd, Maritime Training Instititute .Mumbai)
    Scuba Diving, 22 - 24
    A 3 day "S.S.I OPEN WATER SCUBA COURSE" at "Dive Concepts Resort" in Tulamben in Bali (Indonesia).
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Marine Engineer(Personal Wealth Management)
A Jack of all and a master of some with age and experience !
  • Owns Investment portfolio management.
    Marine Engineer(Wealth Management), present
  • 1983 to 2008(Variety of "Shipping Company's")
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Mombasa (1960-68) and Mumbai(68- ) - Mombasa(1960-1968) - England(1985-1986)(5 months as Marine Student)
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Solo tour of Thrissur,Guruvayur,Kanyakumari,Dhanushkodi and Coimbatore.

The tip of India where the Bay of Bengal ,Arabian sea and Indian Ocean meet at Kanyakumari(Cape Comorin) as also the ghost town of Dhanushko

Mount Kalsubai(1646 metres/5400 feet) Monsoon Trek

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Europe on a Budget Tour with "Thomas Cook(India)Ltd.

Blogger/Traveller Rudolph.A.Furtado at Rome's famous "Trevi Fountain"(Sunday 16 -5-2010)

Exploring Bassein Fort in Vasai and Arnala Fort in Virar..

Being a student and blogger on historical forts in Mumbai,most notably the "Worli Fort", close to my residence at Prabhadevi,a visit to the

A visit to Daman,a mix of colonial Portugal and modern India.

Map of Daman. Daman is a small tiny coastal land of 72 Sq Km(28 Sq Miles) that is included in the the Union territory of "Daman ,Diu and Dad

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During my stay at " inn" in Ho Chi Minh(Saigon) on my solo tour of Vietnam and Cambodia in December -2013 happened to meet Mr Vin


ARRIVAL MANILA PORT:- One of the main benefits of being employed in the “Merchant Navy” was the privileged of visiting exotic port city’s in

Exploring Mumbai Forests :- "Nagla Block" And "B.N.H.S C.E.S" in Sanjay ...

Thanks to "B.N.H.S(Bombay Natural History Society)", have been able to study and learn the beauty of nature in my own backyard, Mumbai! As a

Solo Back-Packer tour of Sri Lanka.

In 2011 i had visited North India and Nepal and hence decided to visit Sri Lanka in 2012. As a "Solo-Backpacker Tourist" decided to search t

Solo tour of Indonesia.

Map of Indonesia with its geographical location to neighbouring Country's. To the average tourist, Indonesia is known for its Volcanic mount

As a totally Westernized city bred Indian brought up on Indian Hindi film and Western Rock, pop and Rap music it was a wonderful free concert of 3 days that introduced all genres of Indian music.The venue festival anchor at the seaside promenade Mr Aman.Sharma kept the crowd busy with his wit and anecdotes. Still better was the venue of the concerts and we residents staying by the seaside rarely appreciate the sea beauty in our own backyard ! The daily Sunset observed from the promenade venue of the festival was appreciated by everyone including the performing artists.The food stalls were doing roaring business and the "Worli Fish Koliwada" stalls exposed the locality to the fishing viillage called "Worli Koliwada" ! The Managing Director of "OMCPL" Mr Rahul.Gomes one of the main co-sponsors along with "Shree Sankalp Pratishthan" announced that the "WORLI FESTIVAL" would henceforth be a regular annual affair in Mumbai akin to the "Kala Ghoda" and "Bandra Festivals".The next date of the "Worli Festival " is in January-2017 ..If you have never ever visited the "WORLI FESTIVAL" then be there in January 2017.
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Had been on a tour of Aurangabad with "Shikar Vedh tour Group' of Mumbai. During ourr tour we decided to eat street food and with great difficulty managed to discover this classic roadside restaurant.The entire narrow street is clean and lined with various types of eateries.We were a group consisting of 12 tourists and decided to order Kebabs and their "Dum Biryani". It was excellent biryani served in brass utensils with kebabs as starters. If in Aurangabad please vsit this roadside eatery if wanting to taste authentic Aurangabad cuisine.
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