I would love to be able to check for new +Gmail messages in a similar fashion that I receive +Google+ notifications. Even if that button just takes me to Gmail itself, I would love it if this was a feature within Google+ and +Google as a whole. No more missed messages, no more forgotten appointments.

Please can we get this, +Google Developers
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I know this isn't exactly what you're asking for, but I use the "Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail" extension for google chrome. While it's not in google+ itself, it's the same thing you're wanting, just on the google chrome bar instead.
I do know of that extension and similar ones, I just feel that it would fit in in a similar manner as the Google+ notifications. I don't really like clogging up my browser with buttons and whatnot, I personally feel it takes away from the browsing experience.
Oh, I can definitely understand that. I do like your idea - I think it should also be a feature of google+.
+Rudi Bartsch Well basically you can! There is something in GMail labs that changes your GMail icon so that it also displays number of unread messages. Having a pinned tab for GMail shows the number in the icon area. Just as if I had notifications with those numbers... I suppose that's just enough for me. I don't need additional extensions. Although you can always install an extension that does a similar task a well.
I proactively use this feature, +Robert Koritnik, however, it just doesn't cut out to what I'm looking for, I don't use pinned tabs for one reason: increased startup times. I would like more integration within Google itself, especially since many of my friends "forget" to check their email regularly, and thus miss out on events and important messages.
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