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So, the subject of beers and DnD came up recently, and it's been on my mind. So I've been thinking about it more and wanted to share/riff on the subject.

First of all, I figure that your standard ales served in taverns are probably all locally made affairs. As local affairs, I imagine that they're all made from wild yeasts with whatever grains and hops are found in the area. As a wild ferment, the ale you find in each tavern is going to vary, sometimes wildly! But as a gradual rule of thumb, a wild fermented, farmhouse style ale is going to be slightly sour and have an ABV around 5%. Hops are likely either not present at all or lightly used, making for a very low ABV. The look is likely to be golden and a bit cloudy.

This means that you might get some taverns getting popular simply because they have some of the best tasting ale. It also means that you can highlight different tastes as a roleplaying note.

Now, everyone associates Dwarves with ale, but I don't think that's actually all that right. You see, grapes grow better than grains on sloping mountains and rolling hills, likely areas where dwarves would settle. Combine that with the dwarvish respect for the age of an item, and you get the makings for very fine vintners. Plus wine is generally much higher in ABV than beer, which plays into the dwarves as heavy drinkers angle. So, yeah, I totally see dwarves drinking beer, but not respecting it as much as wine.

Halflings, being folks prone to laying up a larder and living near rivers, I see as using far more hops. Plus they're the type of folk who have enough farmland to really cultivate hops and grains. Heck, I can see each halfling family having their own unique hop cultivar. Plus beer pairs much better with cheeses and cured meats, another halfling staple. Thus I can see halfling ales being much more akin to IPAs, with high IBUs and probably a bit higher ABV, too. Humans are all about the yeasts, but the halflings are all about the hops.

Your elves, on the other hand, tend to live in forested areas. These areas commonly have bees, some fruits, and nuts. I see elves as being the ones who've really taken a shine to mead and ciders. I can see them producing meads to really bring out the unique flavors of the honey, and ciders that respect the fruit. Such things also take less time to ferment than wines, which are good for a more nomadic people. I could even see them having small little fermenting caches in multiple locations that they visit in a circuit. Heck, part of their travel patterns could follow the fruit and berry seasons, so that they can make the freshest brews.

Gnomes, well they I see as the master distillers. It fits into their love of artifice, and as folks who live near both elves and halflings, they'd have access to the materials they'd need to make the harder liquors. I see most of their stuff being on the sweeter side, such as brandies and rums, but more than a few might go for the harder liquors. Probably a lot of vodka, as well, since they live in the same sorts of areas that potatoes grow.

Dragonborn, I'm not so sure about, but I feel like they'd be into stuff like porters and stouts. Tieflings probably drink cinnamon whiskey :P. Seriously, I can't really figure anything past that.

Orcs, well I don't see them as brewing all that much, but I could see them going for a fermented dairy product, much like the mongols. But that's about as far as I see that going. Actually, I see Orcs as being more into natural psychedelics, like mushrooms.

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Look what my wife found me at a goodwill!
That's good for +1 Hexslinging for sure!

Anyone have some good ideas for additional rock gnome devices? Mostly looking for flavor with a side helping of "might be useful." Or funny stories. Always happy to hear funny stories.

Listening to some Dio and my wife asks: is that +Mikey Mason? I am amused. It was Dio doing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, for the curious.
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Anyone in my circles have much experience with Rosetta Stone? Specifically for German? That or have other suggestions for learning a second language?
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These InDesign crashes are becoming terrible and painful. This update has nearly made this program unusable.
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Wow, this is a new record. InDesign has crashed 4 times in 5 minutes.
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Because I'm in a Shadowrun sort of mood. And this video just screams "shaman adept initiation" to me.
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I am so frustrated with this Adobe problem that I want to cry.
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Know what my work progress has been for today? Trying to get +Adobe Creative Cloud to actually work. Because it has randomly stopped working and their help website is absolute pants and I can't even /find/ how to talk to a real person.

So frustrated I could scream. Worst customer support experience I've had in years.
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