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Law Offices of Ruben P. Ruiz
A law firm for small and growing companies.
A law firm for small and growing companies.

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A specific supplier or some other factors make it impossible to fulfill a contract. So its better to put such things into the #contract that you are not liable for incomplete work due to such factors. Else this might open yourself up to #legal action.

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Your #business #contracts should include possible clauses and phrases. This saves your lawyer's time while dealing with any problems.

 Employee #lawyers can be extremely important for a small or medium business to handle difficult employees who can create #business #problems from false unemployment claims to allegations of harassment .

In case of landlord-tenant #disputes, if the #landlord issues a termination notice then you can fight back with the help of a #lawyer and have more changes of success.

In addition to purchasing insurance, another way to insure yourself against liability is to build protection into your #business #contracts.

With any legal proceeding consulting an #attorney gives an opportunity for an outside perspective and it can be an appropriate forum for resolving #dispute 

A civil ‪#‎litigation‬ ‪#‎attorney‬ may help you to file a ‪#‎lawsuit‬ and help you through the complicated process of lawsuit.

Unnecessary delays in #dispute settlement  might cause rapid escalation of costs and further damage the client/supplier relationship in #business.

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