+Google, consistently making golden-age sci-fi reality, one bit at a time. 
I've been working on training systems for very large neural networks recently.  One cool result we've found is that a large network trained with totally unlabeled data can automatically discover high-level concepts like human faces, cats, etc. (cats because we trained on still images from a large collection of YouTube videos).

+John Markoff wrote up a very nice article in the New York Times today that describes how we've been applying these systems to various problems in computer vision.

+Quoc Le, +Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Rajat Monga, Matthieu Devin, Kai Chen, +Greg Corrado, +Andrew Ng, and I wrote a paper to appear at this week's ICML conference, which has a bit more technical detail about the system.

The ICML paper is here:


The NY Times article is here:

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