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RPAS Training and Solutions
UAV Training Solutions setting the standard for safe drone / RPAS operations
UAV Training Solutions setting the standard for safe drone / RPAS operations

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RPAS Logger Plus NOW AVAILABLE - in our RPAS Logger Enterprise suite now enables you to export your logs to create reports as you wish. It is also ready to sync your data with the RPAS Logger Enterprise website. The RPAS Logger Plus app is US$9.99 and the RPAS Logger Lite is Free.

We have developed a suite of mobile and cloud / desktop applications on Android, iOS app and RPAS / sUAS / UAV / Drone Job Management website that integrates with your mobile devices called RPAS Logger (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System = RPAS )
Our iOS app is submitted to Apple and will be available next week. Once the iOS app is available we will officially launch the Enterprise website which is a breakthrough in managing all potential government compliance issues. It is designed to streamline your official Australian CASA application and built according to the latest ICAO requirement which is the standard that the FAA and most Civil Aviation Authorities world wide are aligning their drone laws too.
RPAS Logger EnterpriseThis is the flagship version of RPAS Logger. Unlike the Lite and Pro version, RPAS Logger Enterprise is a cloud-based solution. All Data is kept in the web application and your mobile devices will now become access points that you will be able to use on and off line to collect and log data. You can use the Android / iOS apps when you don't have internet access and sync it up when you connect again. 
The apps include a bar code scanning feature for battery / maintenance management and our latest (most requested feature) allows you to use your GPS location on your mobile device to show you the nearest airport / helipad etc to your current location which will help in completing your Risk Assessment for each job or flight. 
It is oriented towards a commercial operation or hobby clubs. It will allow you to create jobs for customers, assign equipment and personnel to different jobs, manage area approvals and risk assessments, manage maintenance requirements and inventory.
Modules include:
Basic Module – everything required to create jobs, manage airframes, batteries and role equipment usage, manage pilots (including type endorsements and certifications) and produce comprehensive reports.
Maintenance Module – Keep maintenance logs for all equipment and manage your inventory - including shelf life and minimum quantity reporting.
UOC Manuals – online management of your flight, operations and maintenance manuals. Easily update your entire documentation suite with any changes that you make to your fleet, role equipment or operational parameters.
We will appreciate any feedback or request for new features. Rest assured, we have a long list of upcoming features but use your comments to help prioritise our updates.

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Here is a summary of the process to complete your UAV Controller Certificate in Australia. We have updated our previous poster after feedback and consultation with numerous clients and friends. 

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This video is a an overview of the CASA website and how to find the relevant information regarding UAV / Drone / RPA information for Australia. This is only intended to give you an overview and help you to find the correct information. Nothing more.

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Attached is a poster of "Important Safety Information" for all hobbyists who fly UAV / Drones for fun and those who wish to fly Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) legally for commercial gain in Australia. 

First Person View (FPV) flying in Australia is basically illegal if you wish to do in in a commercial manner. All Advanced Amateur Radio License holders may still get away with it illegally if they follow strict guidelines. 

Please refer to CASA CASR 101 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the actual legislation to confirm whether your own situation is legal or illegal. Also, in CASR 101 you will be able to find the penalty points assigned to each offense. 

These rules are relevant for #djiphantomvision2  / #dji  etc for all RPAs in Australia. 

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Our video to explain CASA CASR Part 101 for UAVs / Drones. Hope you enjoy it.

If you have thought of flying your #uav  / #drones  / #RPA  in Australia. Whether it be as a hobby or for commercial gain you need to understand CASA CASR Part 101 which is the law governing UAVs.

Even if you decide to fly just for a hobby you still need to follow the rules and you could be flying illegally if you fly above 400ft, closer than 5.5km from an airfield or Helicopter Landing Site (HLS can also be near a hospital ! etc)

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I heard this interview with CASA on ABC this week and thought it would be great to share if you haven't heard of it yet. It covers the story about The Victorian Poice intercepting an #uav   / #drone   allegedly trying to deliver drugs to a jail as well as the 'Sydney Harbour Bridge incident' last year. CASA confirmed that they fined the UAV Controller for crashing the #djiphantom  on the #sydneyharbourbridge  

You can listen to it or read the transcript at

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Added photos to Info Session on UAV Controller Certificates from CASA.

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We will be discussing the current options and our 11 Steps to Obtain your UAV Controller Certificate (CC) from CASA which will enable a CC holder to fly RPAs for commercial gain when they fly with a company that has an UOC issued by CASA.
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