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Rp White (KF5VLM)
Nascar, Republican, Computers, Guns, Hunting, Dirt Bikes, Beer, etc... Good ol Texas boy...
Nascar, Republican, Computers, Guns, Hunting, Dirt Bikes, Beer, etc... Good ol Texas boy...

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Houston, Texas

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Do it!

3D printing is the future.

Lots of fun stuff to come.

Let healthcare be

Had my first failure (Machine Related) today. The MonoPrice Mini was about 40% through a print and I noticed that OctoPrint was not responding? Usually refresh fixes it, but not this time. It could not communicate with the printer. So I got up and took a look to see the main screen at the 'Main' screen with the firmware (I guess) overlaying the screen. I think it was 42.42. I thought that was odd, so I moved things out of the way, removed the failed print, and rebooted the machine. OctoPrint came right up and re-started the print. All is good?

One other I noticed and not sure if it is because I can now monitor the print all the time, but from time to time the printer pauses for 3-5 seconds, then goes on. Seems to happen randomly. Everything is fine, just odd. Not sure if that is a OctoPrint or Monoprice Mini thing? Either way I love it, having too much fun with the setup. Tried the Platform Jack yesterday and no luck, broke it before it started to work. Took 7-8 hours, will try again after I learn more about the settings etc...

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Love this guy, and I agree with him 100% Modern Art sucks!

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Got OctoPrint working tonight with a Raspberry PI 2. It couldn't have been more simple, even using a old creative usb webcam, hooked up the USB to the printer and just had to set the port via dropdown. Dead simple, if you were curious, just get a Pi 2 and setup.

Works great with the Monoprice Select Mini 3d.

I am having so much fun with this printer, I decided to print 'useful' parts today.. so printed some parts for the printer ;)...


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I finally made the plunge, well not so deep with this printer :)..

About 1/2 through the default 'cat' and it's freaking amazing! Working perfect, if a bit slow.

Amazing to be honest, couldn't have asked for much more! Using Hatchbox PLA as it had great reviews and seems to be working great with this printer!


Now need to figure out what SW to use to 'design' stuff... :)

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So it's tax time, that time of year we all love and hate. I guess mostly hate, but anyways, this is the time you hear those radio ads that promote 'tax relief', etc.. then you hear stories how joe blow owed 30K until he call XXYYZZ Tax Relief company and walla, all is better and he only owes 50% of his bill.

Doesn't this teach people to not pay taxes for a couple years, then just call a 'Tax Relief" co and go from there to get savings?

So the question is, do they really reduce your taxes?
Someone must call them or they wouldn't have the ads?
Sounds like a scam to me, what is the angle?

Just curious what you guys think of it...

Wow, Bill Nye the "Science Guy" is an asshole.

Wow, Bill Paxton passed away, sad day. I liked him as an Actor.

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