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Rp White (KF5VLM)
Nascar, Republican, Computers, Guns, Hunting, Dirt Bikes, Beer, etc... Good ol Texas boy...
Nascar, Republican, Computers, Guns, Hunting, Dirt Bikes, Beer, etc... Good ol Texas boy...

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One of the best, RIP Chester, I am sad I never got to see you live :(.

We lost a good one today, this might be my favorite video. It's great. His voice is amazing!

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Why haven't they left yet? Move on please.

Just get on with it...


I am sick of Juan Williams and all libtards that show up on fox.

I am about to the point of only watching Tucker Carlson, at least he makes it funny!


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Right ON! He is one of the biggest idiots..

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Anyone pick up the Walther PPS M2 LE? I am seriously considering since they are offering a 100 gift card with purchase and I have some gift cards to use up.

I don't own any Walther's but seems like a great gun...

Just thought I would throw that out there... :)
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Thinking about it


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This might be the best thing I see this month! Love it. I wonder how he got all the outgoing numbers, probably a service you can use... great stuff... well worth the 10 mins.
It's that time of year again––IRS scammers are calling people and trying to swindle them out of their hard-earned money. This vigilante hacker took matters into his own hands.

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NO fake news here, move along sheeple...

what a disgrace.

they probably paid them as well, would have been great to get video of them passing euros to them...

oh well can't have it all I guess...

Yet another incident in London, yup we should just let EVERYONE in the US. What a joke, the travel ban needs to be adopted ASAP, to SLOW the bad guys!

Lets figure out who is and isn't a 'bad guy' before we let them into our great country, what a concept.

Paris 'accord' NOT TREATY who gives a shit! 1.5 trillion or so to reduce global warming by .2 to .5 degrees... in 50 years.. yea I am ok with getting out of it and trying to figure a better deal.

Ok off to finish the Astro game, they are kicking the rangers ass again :)..

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