57 nights, 21 ports, 14 countries. Sail around the world with Quantum of the Seas: http://bit.ly/GlobalOdyssey
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This is a dream I would love to experience....
I second that would love to globe trot round the world getting waited on
HI Royal Caribbean International is it true ?
Quantum of the Seas should have ''LIVE WEBCAM'' showing her trip ''LIVE'' on GOOGLE & YOUTUBE when Quantum goes on global voyage in 2015   #quantumoftheseas   
This sounds amazing!  I love that such a new ship is going to be able to see so much of the world:)
Looks like this will be a permanent move to the Asian market.  RCI is certainly rolling the dice over there.  They already converted Mariner of the Seas for the Asian market and now their latest ship. Interesting!
+Albert Guasch i guess Quantum of the Seas will be in china for a year or more at least Anthem of the Seas will be in Ft. Lauderdale Florida I hope Mariner of the Seas comes back to CA & Mexico soon
+miguel chavez Mariner of the Seas will never return to our market, they made physical changes to the interior of the ship to meet the demands of the Asian market.  They will do the same to the Quantum.  We at least get to enjoy the second ship in our part of the world.
+Albert Guasch i will enjoy Quantum of the Seas in Florida ,USA for 5-6 months before replaced by Anthem of the Seas and before Royal Caribbean International moves her to china in ''Summer 2015''
Good Morning,
                            How much it cost this cruse.
                                           Antoine Borg.
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