Some of our favorite guest photos from Labadee.
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Oh, takes me back to my visit earlier this year, a beautiful place!
Was there in February was wonderful. Always ready to go back
Please send me the details of the cpmpetion ofSAA voyager 20th birthday competitions
Labadee is one of my favorite place and I really enjoyed the zip line 
Never again will I go to Labadee, the RCC private island. It is over crowded not enough room for all cruisers and be careful in the straw market.
Enjoyed a Lott when I was with Splendor of the seas..
I love Labadee so tranquil.  Allure Of The Seas is the best ship ever.  Can't wait to go back.
Been 3times to labadee done the Dragon zip slide love this little bit of paradise.
Been their on the (FREEDOM OF THE SEAS )Its so Beautiful♡♥
Been there twice, it's paradise and does not feel overcrowded.
I learnt a word called ""Babaloo "" & ""Bambuclad"" still don't know the meanings of it....
+sunil kasba funny we picked up those words as well I would tell you the meanings but they are very rude/crude slang words it was on the Explorer of the seas one of the bar staff taught us some slang from Barbados and we taught her slang from Scotland.
wooow this is very beuty 
I was there a week ago today. Had such a great time Royal Caribbean Rock's best cruise by far. And I've been on a few, cruises 
Acabei de chegar de lá. É uma ilha privada, pequena mas muito bonita. Tem praias maravilhosas, água límpida e muito quente.Ótima para férias
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