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A machine will never beat skilled hands when making dumplings in quantity or quality. I've witnessed an old hand outpacing an automatic dumpling machine by the count of an entire tray with only a butter knife and his hands.

That being said, when sourcing a machine favor a Japanese manufacturer. The machines I have experience using wasn't as compact as the one pictured above but it had fewer moving and detachable parts that required disassembling and reassembling every time the unit was in use. Which was up to three times daily at the rate the customers ordered our dumplings.
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Roy Watts

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Li Hing Mui are great. One of my childhood favorites. Party trick is drinking some water after you eat one. The water will taste sweetened. 

Gan or Suan Mei I was less of a fan of but this is likely because one doesn't acquire a taste for licorice until the taste buds are more developed.
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Roy Watts

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I still have the cassette tape of Makpo. I've been anxiously searching for CD or digital copies before my copy deteriorates or breaks.
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Roy Watts

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Here's the monkey script to auto load G+ post.

Steps: (Read the Gotchas)
#1. Install TamperMonkey: 
== update: simplified installing script c/o +Cory Lu Lu 
#2. Install the script:

#3. Refresh G+;  read the gotchas!

I'm not claiming that it's perfect, but it's better than clicking that blue button or pressin L :)

The auto reload will make you lose focus, e.g. on comment box, notification  drop downs, etc.
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Roy Watts

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Roy Watts

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Sorely disappointed in how unimaginative the vast majority of #IfIHadGlass submissions are proving to be. 
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Hard to believe but yours is the only mention of cyborgs I've encountered this far. 
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Roy Watts

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There's an editing glitch in the portion about pickled garlic where instead of the Hangul for the dish it says "TITLE TEXT HERE." 

Good show, btw.
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Roy Watts

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One of my all-time favorite tracks for driving.
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Roy Watts

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Fanimecon 2013, enjoyed my first stint as a Rover, my first Fanimecon and my first convention. Looking forward to next year. 
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Roy Watts

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All the things left unsaid...
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Roy Watts

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Loves travel and adventure...travels to fridge everyday, randomly changes path through kitchen each time. Adventure!
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I love a good Adventure! Especially the one to the fridge!!
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Roy Watts

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Everything is real. 
Online, it's Real

One thing that bothers me are people who say "Oh it's the internet, it's not real, get over it."

Oh, of course, relationships and feelings can't happen online. Who'd care if anyone on here died? No one ever cries from watching a movie since it isn't real. No one cried during the Titanic or during Romeo and Juliet especially if they were streamed online. No one cared when they heard the news of the Newtown School Shooting if they heard it online. You wouldn't respond to an invite to a wedding if it's online and you definitely wouldn't care if your friend said they had a bad day if it was stated online. No one’s ever gotten married because they found each other online. I definitely didn't ride my bike for 20 minutes through fierce cold winds to see a guy I had only met online +Jordan Oram at a Greyhound Station for half an hour while he was on a trip across Canada on around a $250 budget that he coordinated with people online. We also didn't raise $46,823 online thanks to +Ivan Makarov for the +Plus One Collection that benefits charity. No one has ever been hurt and committed suicide because of things that were said simply online. 

Also, credit and money aren't real online. eBay doesn't sell items and people don't do commerce on here. There are no stores and I totally didn't just buy a $1,600 laptop and return it the other week from an online store that I lost $230 to. That was just a dream since we all know the internet isn't real. Also, +Larry Page and +Sergey Brin aren’t in the top 15 richest Americans alive today because they created a product that runs on something that doesn’t exist. It's also completely fine to give out your credit card and personal information online since it is but a joke. Also, allow your 6 year old on here to join hangouts and make faces and tell everyone that they're alone and the exact address they live at. It's not like there's any predators out there, especially not in public hangouts, don't be silly. 

Scientific research also can't be done online since none of this is real. When I did my degree in biology and chemistry we all just laughed at the peer reviewed scientific article databases online that I had access to. These of course couldn't be used in my academic papers since they were of course not real. We also don't do research and collaboration online either since none of this exists. 

There are no politics surrounding the internet either, governments and corporations have no interests here. Last year there wasn’t some sort of bill called SOPA, that didn’t happen. +Barack Obama also doesn’t care about the internet and never said that it is important that it’s kept free and open. He also didn't do a G+ hangout on Valentine's day last week, that's all in our heads. 

I just had to let out a quick rant. Things get on my nerves sometimes, I hope you recognize this is sarcastic.
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Worst foot traffic management ever. Traffic from the entrance on Market is squeezed into a small obstacle course near the top of the escalators down into the food court. They've also made the highest traffic path in the food court so only two people can pass at a time.
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Authentic curry katsu, a bit pricey but it tastes like home.
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230 reviews
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