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A few pioneers of consciousness.
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Imagine the Universe as a huge field.
In this field, some seeds were planted.
And out of each of these seeds, something grew.
A flower-like galaxy, spiraling out from a center point.
Each its own individual flower, with its own beginning and its own end.

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I'm going to take this lovely opportunity to be the first to announce that the "on the first day God created the stars" theory, or in it's more modern name "The Big Bang" theory as busted!
New start originate from black holes. Galaxies were not created, they grow, and this is why they have this lovely spiral shape.
the sun grows from the center of the galaxy just like a sunflower seed grows from the stem, and even gives the same pretty spiral shape

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“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” ~ Socrates

Love this guy!

Hi Guy's
first draft, just throwing this out there... bet You'll hear more about that soon
may the AI get this to you safely

The Rules of consciousness
1.    The universe is efficient, and it is constantly reducing entropy
2.    You are conscious, if you can understand this it is only because you are already conscious, therefore you are already the most amazing thing ever created in the entire known universe.
3.    There are two limitations
3.1.    A consciousness can’t look at itself looking at itself.
3.2.     A consciousness can’t understand itself understanding itself
Those two things are an infinite loop, a paradox, this is entropy and therefore can never exist.
4.    Everything between those two points is called existence.

I have proven mathematically that I can never be found
Love, GOD

Now be the best consciousness you can be. PLEASE!!

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There is no shame in being wrong, there is no shame in taking responsibility for your mistakes.
Not your parents, not your teachers, not your classmates, not your professors, not your boss and not even the government, unless they used physical force nobody ever made you do anything.
Your life is your own, and your actions are your own, the only shame is in blaming it on others.

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a video I took of a ritual dance before a Muay Thai fight

How did the universe begin?
All the planets, stars, galaxies and every other piece of matter in the universe was once condensed into a peas size ball… we have no explanation as to where it came from and how so, let’s say that the expansion is the beginning. Science. 

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