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A work in progress...
This is a work in progress. I'm not real happy with it so far, but the weather has been terrible and I have only been able to get about 6 hours of usable images over the last 4 nights. When completed, this will be a narrow band image of IC443 (The Jellyfish Nebula).

So far this is a composite of about 4 hours of Ha (12nm) and 2 hours of OIII (8nm). I mapped it into a two color image with Ha as red, and OIII as green.

I still need MANY more hours of images and not sure I will be able to complete this object this season, but its fun trying.
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You set up a page for your observatory?
I was going to but it seemed a little pretentious. ;-)

That being said, I'm off to make a page for SVO.
I figure it was the only way to "try" and keep personal stuff separate from my astronomy stuff. But then again, I pretty much only post astronomy stuff.. so...
True. The reason I figured it would be pretentious is due to all the space/astronomy blogging I already do. ;-)

A bit of compartmentalization isn't a bad thing. I can post observing stuff to the page, and re-share on my personal profile. I do the same thing when I do blog posts. Once again, thanks for the motivation.
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