So I got brave after reading a blog by +Louis Gray about his experience with FitBit. It arrived two days early even if it did ship USPS so I was excited it arrived on Saturday. So I opened the box and began the setup program. But when I tried to get the Fitbit to connect to my PC, it gave me a driver error. So I searched for an updated driver or software, but no luck. So I decided maybe there was something wrong with my PC's USB ports. So I cranked up my Mac (which is where I originally had planned to install it but the PC was handier and I haven't swapped the hard drive in my MacBook yet) and it would not talk at all. The device appeared to work, counted steps, stairs I climbed and it would charge via USB but it would not talk to the software. Very aggravating. So I opened a customer message and told them what had happened and Fitbit told me they would ship me a new one right away. Here is the part that has me puzzled. They want me to just recycle the defective one in an environmentally friendly way, rather than sending it back. I was a bit taken aback by that. I lean toward bad wiring in the dock rather than the fitbit, but perhaps they have seen this before. But once the new one arrives I will see if the old one behaves any different. I believe the progress indicators and the badges and the graphs will motivate me as they work with my data-centric mindset.  #fitbit  
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