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Roy Richardson

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If Pixar did Star Trek...

Kinda makes me wish they did.
If Pixar did Star Trek. 
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Roy Richardson

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What you need versus what you want
This notion crosses my mind a lot. I realize I am blessed. I have every thing I need. When you have everything you need it is time to turn to the needs of others.

#share #love
What Will You Give Up?

Out shopping with my wife yesterday I came across a vintage backpack, my wife will tell you I have a thing for backpacks and this being vintage was wonderful, full of old badges and somewhat rough around the edges. The price a very reasonable £10.

But I didn't buy it.

Not long before I found the bag I came across Peter again sat outside a church trying to keep warm. People coming and going from the church simply chose to ignore Peter, I chose to do as I usually do when I meet him, sat and have a chat.

It seems the winter has been unkind to him, with all the rain we have been having he has found it impossible to stay dry and warm, this has given him a chest infection. He just wants the warmer weather to come so he can stay warm. After 15 years on the streets the winters are really taking their toll now.

So why did I not buy the backpack I coveted so much? Because I simply wanted it not need it. Peter needed a hot drink and money to help get some shelter, so rather than buy the bag that's what I did.

I'm not saying this to make me sound all holier than thou but we fill our lives with so much we want rather than what we need, sometimes by giving up some of what we want we can give others what they need.

What will you give up?
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He has the kindest eyes. Good for you Mike to acknowledge this fellow that has relegated himself to the street. Makes me wonder why?
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Roy Richardson

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Great Google Plus tips
For Zuck or anyone. Great work +martin shervington.

Read and learn.
Hi +Mark Zuckerberg,

I can see you now have 658,472 followers on here, which is awesome, but your profile seems a little on the quiet side. 

To help you out, here are a few tips to get your started on Google+…

This seems to be very low right now, but that is ok, I’m sure as soon as you start posting people will be plussing like crazy. 

Profile picture:
I noticed your photo is tagged with your name, which is excellent, but you may like to consider a slightly ‘clearer head shot’, as this is best for purposes of Google Authorship (see below).

Cover photo:
You still have the default image - this is a little bit boring, so why not check out some of the ones in the free library?

Verified name/profile:
It is great you have a verified Profile, and shield! How did you get that? Do you know someone at Google or something!? 

Just so you know...
an _ each side of the word/phrase makes it italics
a * either side will make it bold
a - will make it a strikethrough
And you can use them all in combination.

This helps posts look even better.

Linking to your website?
I see in your ‘About Section’ that you ‘make things’. Do you blog? Well, if you link it to your Profile, you may even find your image appearing alongside your content in Google Search (an aspect of something called ‘Google Authorship’, which people seem to love.)

Brand Pages:
Also you may like to set up a Brand Page which you can usually link to a website (using a rel=publisher markup).

Other social networks:
Just to say, I know people are often already heavily invested in other social platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and the good news is that you can use to distribute your Google+ content straight to other social networks too. This is really handy.

I had a quick look and I couldn't find your channel.
You are really missing out as Google+ and YouTube work hand-in-hand. 

And finally…
The people are awesome on Google+; it is a real community.
And know it is ok Mark, even though you may not know anyone to start with, you’ll make new friends in no time.

p.s. Great to see you’ve been on ‘Google’ since Buzz. 

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Roy Richardson

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Ugh! The Second Page
Yes, I do hate when things are so bad I have to visit the second page of Google Search results. 
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Roy Richardson

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Just Pray
When my day starts and ends with prayer...

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Social Media Tips for Teachers
Here is basically a links page to many useful links for teachers who are trying to get a handle on Social Media. It needs a handle so it can be carried around. 

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* I do remember the World before the World Wide Web*

I used to run an electronic bulletin board (BBS) called MirrorAbstract BBS that people accessed using dial up modems (when 28.8k BPS was the top speed). I connected to Bulletin boards when 2400 BPS was the maximum. And I even dialed up CompuServe with a 300 baud modem though only once as it was in the days of expensive long distance. 

While the WWW was a part of CERN and the Internet was a part of DARPA, we need to find out how to keep the Internet for the people of Earth and not for the Governments of Earth or any one Scientific entity. It needs to be a place of free speech and free thinking to allow the level of innovation we will need to make the future brighter rather than darker. 

  #WWW   #happy25thworldwideweb  
The World Wide Web turns 25 today! Share your memories of what life was like before the web and how things have improved since then—then sign up to protect it:  #Web25
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A global communications network is a hallmark of an advanced society. Not all of us have access to it yet, but eventually we will.

When I served aboard Enterprise in the Vietnam war and wanted to communicate home, I had to physically write my thoughts on a piece of paper that began it's journey on an airplane by a catapult shot. 
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Thanks +Sho Nique  
for the Google Plus Love.
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Monkey Brains
So I asked my daughter what she wanted for supper? Not offering any ideas, I began going through a list of the things she often eats from grill cheese sandwiches, to scrambled eggs, to cereal. Seeing her shake her head on every one I offered up, how about monkey brains? With the most serious look she says yes, I immediately reply, oh, I am so sorry, I forgot to get any monkey from the grocery store and they are so hard to keep fresh. She exclaimed, Daddy! I will write this on the grocery list. 

#KidsSayTheFunniestThings   #MonkeyBrains  
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So cute ! 
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Roy Richardson

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10 Unbelievable Diet Rules Backed by Science
Most of these I knew but some of them are common sense rules that never sunk in. Good article.
No fads, no faking, and no frustration.
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IT Professional and Technologist, Manager, Sys Admin, DBA, PM, Teacher, Sometimes a Life Coach, and Head Cook and Bottle Washer
UNIX/Linux, Windows, Mac, DBA, Mixologist, and DJ. "Jack of all trades, Master of some"
  • Mirror Abstract Productions
    Where ever the wind takes me, 1996 - present
    Rather than list my employment history, this is my non-existent company that encompasses every work experience, interest and hobby I have. I decided if I ever started a company it would be called Mirror Abstract Productions and I created the original logo in the Paint program on an early gray scale Macintosh which I printed out on an early dot matrix printer.
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South Carolina
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"Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known." - Garrison Keillor
Computers, Technology, and Gadgets seem to be my life. 

Okay, Computers and I aren't dating or anything like that, but I have had a computer under my fingertips since the Commodore Vic 20. Apple 2c and 2e, the first Macintosh's, Tandy TRS80 (pronounced Trash 80), Tandy 1000, even the lowly Timex Sinclair and Coleco Adam. 

In the IBM clone days, I remember booting from a DOS disk and then loading Turbo PASCAL. Two floppy drives in one machine were all the rage then.

Now I live in a world of databases of many flavors and versions as I am part DBA (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL), OSes of many flavors and versions as I am part system administrator (Windows, UNIX, and Linux), and Enterprise and Mission Critical applications as I am part Basis Administrator (SAP, Maximo, Email, and any other ) that should probably cause me to lose more sleep, but I sleep pretty well. 

My second passion is teaching Computer Technology. I try to share that passion with my students. Knowledge is power. If I ever stop learning, declare me dead.

Spare Time?
In my spare time (Ha ha!) I love living the Internet dream, whether is is being a part of "the social networks" or creating content for my blog and others. (L.A.M.P. Rocks!)

Currently working on two books at the same time (one, a Textbook, the other, science fiction)

Working to be relevant even though I am 2,500+ miles away from Silicon Valley and other Tech Hubs of the world.

BTW, I am NOT a social media expert, nor do I claim to be.

The views expressed on my account are mine alone and not those of my employers.
Bragging rights
Featured in Geeks in Love article in Computerworld. February 2011
  • Capella University,
    Masters of Science, Information Technology, Enterprise Software Architecture, 2007 - 2010
  • Limestone College,
    Bachelors of Science, Computer Science, 2001 - 2005
  • Piedmont Technical College,
    Associate of Science, Computer Technology, 1997 - 2000
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If you are looking for great BBQ, then you need to find the Carolina Barbecue Shack. It is hidden behind the University Grill. Take the road beside M&M Tire and find the sign. Take a right and drive on back to the building. They offer pulled pork, hash, beef brisket, and smoked turkey. You will want to add a baked Potato and barbecue beans to that plate with a roll. They have a Shack Sauce, which is a ranch/sour cream based sauce with a hint of garlic that is so good you could probably use it to eat a rock. It tastes great on everything. You will be hard pressed to decide which BBQ sauce to go with, their signature Carolina Barbecue Shack Barbecue sauce or their Carolina Gold sauce, which is a mustard based sauce. They have lots of sides to choose from but the baked potato with the Shack Sauce and barbecue beans are my favorite. Don't want to cook supper, go by and get a Family pack. When they first opened there were picnic tables outside. Then they added an awning for the tables to be under. Over the last couple of years they build a nice building with beautiful tables, air conditioning, and a big screen TV.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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