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Roy Leighton

Hi All

As there's been no activity on this site I intend to close it down. If someone wants to take over as site owner let me know and I'll shift ownership.

I have a couple of open communities working with schools from all keystages if you were interested in joining them to see how the learning line and the butterfly model is being applied elsewhere. If I hear nothing by the weekend I'll assume that you're happy for me to close this down.



I have a secondary school exploring project based learning for KS3. What advice would you give them? Where should they start? 

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how big are your 'ME' and 'WE' circles?
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I hope you are all doing well.

Tomorrow is day three and focuses on recognising and challenging bad habits.

'Failure is an attitude, not an outcome'.

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Very much looking forward to working with the EOS team on Friday using the Butterfly Model as part of their leadership development programme.

I'm attaching a short summary of The Butterfly Model for those attending (and for those not who are just interested).

As there are already so many posts on this community you might want to create a list of 'events' that people can link their posts to as searching for relevant links in the future will be much easier.

Example headings could be:

technology in teaching
list by keystages or year groups
the four OFSTED criteria (leadership, teaching and learning, behaviour and safety, attainment)

Just a thought.

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Thanks for the invite. Glad to be part of the community.

I'm having quite a lot of success with the schools I'm working with (all keystages) using some flipped learning approaches. It is allowing those children who don't 'get it' quickly to prepare for the lesson before they arrive. 

I'd be interested in hear if others have a 'flipped' approach to school and what the impact has been.

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You might find this useful. An Ofsted inspector has take key questions from the new Ofsted framework and put them into the Butterfly Model framework. So, develop and deliver a humanistic school and you'll tick all the right boxes.

Have a great 2014.

Best wishes


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Hi Graham

Thanks for joining this community. However, it is not that active as the schools just came together for a programme I was running and I just pop in now and again.

A more active community that is running till at least January is based in Leeds.

This invite is open to you all not just Graham.

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I hope you are all doing ok.

In light of requests from other groups I created a two page summary of the Butterfly Model and how it links to OFSTED and related research. I'm still refining it but would welcome your thoughts? I this something that you would have found helpful a the beginning and/or end of the programme? Does it make sense? Is it clear?
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