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Daniel Roy Baron
@DanielRoyBaron 2020 clearer vision USA President #DRBPotus
@DanielRoyBaron 2020 clearer vision USA President #DRBPotus

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My book has been updated over the last six years here is a link to my book on Amazon. The theme of my book is growing up in the 1970s wrapped in community and waking up in 2011 to 2017 and realizing that there is community alive and well once I got outside my comfort zone...

I got everything in one backpack and started traveling the USA. One of my leadership roles is to help bring back community and help bring recognition to the importance of community now more than ever. Learn more at:

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Hello, how do i change my custom url from to ? I thank you #DRBPotus46 

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‪@JessGlynne dont be so hard on urself sisters brothers; #DontGiveUp things are gonna get better I promise #DRBPotus ‬

Many of you know me as Backpack the co-host producer director of Voices of Global Freedom

I took care of Yoda a real American hero in wars and in wars with no names. This was my United States Army training. Some of whom we interviewed or talked with are in Trump's administration. Yoda on the show is blind and his wife is sick.

There were times Jan's breathalyzer got dropped panic ensued and death would happen if I didn't find and give her the breathalyzer it this was part of my job to help save lives and it's the solemn duty of all caregivers to do the same; caregivers nurses doctors ER paramedics police law enforcement save the lives of their patients every day. I thank you caregivers for all that you do Semper Fi.

I would be a caregiver my entire life it really taught me so many useful lessons and training far ahead of what I ever i imagined we need a national holiday for all caregivers; I really really respect what y'all do everyday. Although I did take care of my Dad Paul Wigler years ago and it was a start to my community service.

I devoted 19 months sacrificing myself and my own goals to be a caregiver for them it's a choice I will gladly do over again I desperately needed this training to be a much better individual, much better human being and really know what it takes to be President of the United States. I've been taking calls from Americans every day and I will continue to do that because I need for all of us to grow up wake up become adults heal old wounds and collaborate again for all of us are together and we need bette days for our collective children and grand children.

Go back and listen to what I said in it and hear what I said about Obama it was fair respectful however I did give constructive criticism on him on the talk show and in my book looking glass Shattered available on Amazon.

Once anyone gets elected to office in America we the people need to give them a lot of constructive criticism no matter who they are or what they do. I have been a vocal constructive criticism all my life it's what separates us as we the people 320 million strong from other tyrannical leadership styles like Natzi Germany and England which killed my ancestors both Jewish and Irish.

This constructive critique criticism is cornerstone to my decades of ethical quality assurance, Boy Scout training and civic leadership. At the grounding of each and everyone of us is ethics and being ethical sadly many of our politicians are not ethical anymore.

Many of you might not have realized yet that the extreme bipolar polarity of both Obama and Trump where orchestrated by the powers that be Rothschild Soros Roosevelt trillionaire families et all long ago.

So the famous Austin TX comedian Bill Hicks was right whoever becomes President of the United States was selected long ago listen to the Simpsons cartoon it predicted Trump then riots chaos in USA streets yes it's happening now so that the anarchists will take over and turn us all into a global entity.

Watch carefully what's happening it's all by design to divide and conquer don't follow into the trap and say or do things that will get you in the wrong database remember the United States is George Orwell 1984 big brother speak and our actions at the individual local levels will determine if we the United States of America survives and thrives or plunges into the sheer chaos of anarchy.

For those who are anarchy lovers remember that riots destruction of property are not a protest it is only through love compassion and servant leadership that each of us can keep this great union and country together.

Be safe be vigilant do not believe anything you hear from anyone including me most of all do no believe politicians or media make yourself figure out what's really happening through your own resources and research.

Let us all keep us the United States of America through respect of God and country let us never give in to anarchy and chaos in our streets however know that God is watching and crying when our streets communities go up in flames.

God keep us God bless the United States of America be safe be aware be prepared.

@DanielRoyBaronWigler is #DRBPotus

Shalom Aleichem Peace be with you

I thank you for being a real American all my friends know and yes your my friend even if you disagree with me a whole lot of people didn't like Jesus and the ascended masters they knew they had to Sacrifice their own life to advance humanity.

I need to hear your real honest authentic opinions so you and I can be better my friends give me a really hard time so I can be stronger and have a much improved heart and be a better human being. I spent ,out of my life as a scared kid in the body of an adult I ain't doing that no more now I'm a 48 year old in a 48 year old body the only thing to fear is fear itself Semper Fi God bless America!

Our greatest peace maker was 1970 Mr. Rogers talk show host who was a Presbyterian minister his slogan won't you be my neighbor is crucially important in 2017 if we are going to keep together if not the anarchists will win and our country will be shredded apart as it is being done now.

#PeaceOnEarth as it is in heaven

God bless you

God bless America

@DanielRoyBaron is #DRBPotus author of #LookingGlassShattered I am always ready for service and sacrifice and I'm ready to jump on swords so you may live free.

USA Collaboration Network #ASMSG 

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Men are giving birth to children there are at least six gender types. The more men who give birth to kids is great we need to help share the load with women. I love you all De Oppresso Liber freedom of the Oppressed best to the very best Daniel Roy Backpack Baron learn more at author of Looking glass shattered #DRBPotus 

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Men are giving birth to children there are at least six gender types. The more men who give birth to kids is great we need to help share the load with women. I love you all De Oppresso Liber freedom of the Oppressed best to the very best Daniel Roy Backpack Baron learn more at

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The motto of friendship and metropolitan living...

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We got a lot of work to do in 2017 I cannot get this song out of my brain 2017 is the year of #Freedom #PharrelWilliams wins the De Oppresso Liber award with his song freedom to everyone! Freedom hold onto me #backpack hike up the pacific crest trail is dedicated to helping free everyone #DRBPotus De Oppresso Liber = Freedom to the oppressed #CriticalThinking & individual freedoms #DRBPotus @DanielRoyBaron #LookingGlassShattered 
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