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Roy Clendaniel

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Sam harris is spot on when he says faith is the problem. Religious moderates provide cover for the crazies by silencing any criticism of religion and faith. These moderates don't know what it is like to belive in something so completely that they would be willing to die for it. The religious zealots certainly do. Faith in superstitious nonsense causes people to bypass their own inate sensibilities and commit atrocities in the name of a book.

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Roy Clendaniel

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Roy Clendaniel

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Reposting this for the slow folks who don't seem to get it.

You can dislike my posts and you can dislike me but please don't think, for an instant, that I give a damn about your* opinion of me.

Unfollow, mute or block me. But if you comment on my threads about the content of my posts offending you, you will not be leaving happy, but you will be leaving.

* Your meaning random internet strangers finding one of my public or extended circles posts. If I have you circled up, I give, at least, a little damn about your opinion. But don't let it go to your head.
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Roy Clendaniel

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Pure science.
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Roy Clendaniel

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I welcome them, and in some cases they leave converted and enlightend. But after a brawl between two Jehovah's witnesses after an atheist lecture their visits became rare.
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Abingdon, Maryland
#Atheist, #progressive, physicist, lover of astronomy and science. Going to hell, but I will be in good company.
I am a modern child of the enlightenment, and a physicist by education. My ideology is influenced by people like  Spinoza, John Locke, David Hume, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Hobbes,  among others. And of course modern atheist thinkers like Hitchins, Dawkins, Richard Carrier, Aron Ra, and Sam Harris. I also read many science oriented books from various authors including Brian Green,  and Sean Carroll.
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5 great children. Beautiful, loving, wife. I am a very lucky guy...
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