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As good as some, better than most.
As good as some, better than most.

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Valentine's Day. Bummer.

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Can't wait to see these guys in Belfast on the 29th. Thanks to the wife, +Amy Miller​ for this Father's Day gift she gave me last year. I had given her the gift of realising that this song cover was a thing that existed and now we're both hooked on Haley.

I am going to make one small change now. I will post to G+ more often. Once a day would be nice but for fear of failure to meet my new goal I will instead make sure I post once a week and move up from there.

Now I just need to figure out what to post about.

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First up on my Halloween Horror Spotlights:
What are they?
Creepy crawlies of the eight legged variety. Found in fossil records dating back over 300 million years and essentially unchanged by the passage of time for the last 200 million, these guys have been frightening all of the other living creatures throughout all of recorded history and much of what was unrecorded.
We all know what a spider is, but do you know why you fear them? As one of the largest groups of animals, they are found in every environment save sea and air, and can live on every continent except for Antarctica. Every culture is familiar with spiders and has their own myths and legends around them. Yet as prevalent as they are in the history of this planet and in our culture, so many people are afraid of them because they don’t understand enough about them. Fear is, after all, a result of not knowing enough. Fear is a result of not understanding something enough to know what to expect.
The reality
If you truly knew enough about spiders you would know that as far as any danger to your personal being spiders are a minor concern. With only around 100 spider bite related deaths accounted for in the 20th century the likelihood of your being killed by a spider is very remote.
Spiders only bite for two reasons. The first is when hunting prey. Now, tasty as you may be, your size alone is a deterrent to their even attempting it to hunt you for food. Instead you are more likely to be bitten out of the spider’s own self-defense and this is even a last resort. Like when it’s still being toyed with after curling up in to a motionless ball, or the rare occasion where you sit on a spider out of carelessness. You’re probably more likely to be bitten trying to trap the spider to remove it from your house, in which it is actually a benefit in removing even more dangerous creatures like disease bearing flies which are responsible for much more deaths than the spiders which keep their population in relative control. But enough defense of these noble creatures. Let us look in to why they are so scary.
The fear
As I’ve said before they are primeval. They move in a way that we can only view as unnatural. The way that they can independently move their radiating legs, and yet flow in such a smooth and deliberate way. The fact that they will trap you, immovable and helpless in their cunning webs of which you have no hope of escaping. They slowly creep their way down the sticky threads, one by one until they hover over you. At this point you’re lucky if they bite you and kill you on the spot. The worst ones will only weaken you and wrap you up to save you for later.
Spiders will always be feared, generation after generation. That’s okay. The most interesting and magnificent creatures in existence and worthy of respect are to be feared by man.
Remember, they are all over your house at this very moment. They crawl around you, unseen. And whenever you are stirred from your sleep in the middle of the night and feel that tingling sensation lingering on the skin of your face, as if eight tiny legs had just crawled across it moments before you woke up… it’s because they just did.


This a fun little Halloween style song. You have Vincent Price which is enough to recommend a viewing, but then you have the pure Halloween pageantry of Alice Cooper as well.

A good spider song from the Who.


The Classic - Tarantula tells the tale of a giant spider in the classic 50s style movie monster way. Look out for a young Clint Eastwood in an early, brief role.

The Silly - If you don't try to expect too much from this movie it can be a fun watch. Don't expect to be too frightened as this is more a comedy. Neither should you expect to laugh much. But it ticks the boxes for spider themed movies.

The Scary - If you have arachnophobia then this movie will scare you. If you do not suffer from fear of spiders than this movie will entertain you.

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Starting off my month of Halloween related posts with a fun family friendly song. Enjoy, and let it start to get you in the trick or treating mood.


Trick or Treat, my friends. This year will be the first year in my own house that I attempt to decorate and observe Halloween. It is one of the things I’ve missed most about the USofA after moving here to the UK. They just don’t quite get Halloween right, at least not in Northern Ireland.

Now those of you in America who have a mild collection of trivial knowledge but are still limited by the American standard of geography will say: “Roy, how can this be? Isn’t Halloween based on an Irish folk tradition?” Some of you might even know the name of the Celtic end of summer celebration that Halloween is loosely based on, Samhain.
Now those of you asking this are confused by a couple things. The first being that the part of the island of Ireland that I’m living in is part of the UK and is not a part of the Republic of Ireland and therefore isn’t actually Ireland as you know it. And secondly, the celebration of Samhain is not exactly American style Halloween with the Universal Studios style monsters and the candy.

Now those of you Gaelic speakers out there who are upset that we English speakers pronounce Samhain as Sam-hayn, get over it. It is spelt sam-hain so that’s how we would speak it. Why don’t you use your weird wiggly words to spell it if you want us to say sah-win or sow-in. There is no W in the word so why would you expect us to say it instead of the very clear m that is there or speak that word anywhere near the way you say we should. This is your problem, not ours.

But I digress, for comedic purposes. My point is that since coming to Northern Ireland my Halloween experience has been limited to a small rack of plastic fangs, green makeup kits and fake blood in the corner of a convenience store, and the odd trick or treater showing up at our door out of costume and three days early saying trick or treat. It breaks my heart every year.

I’ve also come to find that some here see the phrase trick or treat to mean that if one expects candy they must do a trick to get a treat. I have no idea where this idea came from, so I’ll educate you all. Trick or treat means that after dressing up in a proper costume and wrapping on your door or ringing your doorbell, if you do not give me a treat I will pull a trick on you. I will soap you windows or TP your trees, burn your house to a pile of cinders. Give me the candy, sucker.

So I want to fix this and will use Google+ to do so. I will post Halloween themed things here to not only try to get my Northern Ireland friends in the mood but to keep myself motivated as well.
I have a 30 year plan to decorate my house and provide a safe haven for trick or treaters to eventually create an American style trick or treat system in the greater Belfast area. This year starts the journey. Watch this space for more spooky fun throughout October.

Just saw Ant Man... The ad campaign was a bit misleading because, for a guy who is all over the posters and showcased in all of the trailers, Paul Rudd sure had a small part.


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This is how my daughter Liara's Witcher training would go.

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I really like what auto awesome can do with a few videos and pictures. This is Liara's Easter.

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I definitely asked for this...
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