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Thanks, Rox.
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I can't hire you, but I can certainly admire you and this song. Really well done, well expressed, and a good video as well. Cheers!

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NO! I don't accept this defeatist attitude. Yes, the 'leaders' are all equally bad, but where are the new leaders to come from, if every man jack up for election, in the US, Canada, or the UK is found to have feet of clay? Where are the young people who have new ideas and serious, defensible plans for change? Where are the musicians summing up this state of affairs and singing their truths?
Simply stating that there are no heroes is not enough; it is we the people in every country who have to decide if democracy is worth fighting for, or if we're just going to lie down and take whatever is given us.
It starts by being an informed voter. If we're too lazy to do that, and to fight for our rights, we deserve whatever dystopian future we receive.
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