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As a former marine biologist I never tire of whale shots however these close-ups from Maui are terrific!
The waters off of Maui teem with whales during the winter months. Significant numbers of Humpback whales migrate from the ...
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Wait, did I miss something here, you're a former marine biologist? Very interesting... One of my dream projects is to document whales and sharks in different part of the world through photography and cinematography. Potential locations I had in mind are South Africa, Western Australia and of course Maui :-) Right now I'm in the process of figuring out how I can make this work. I'm thinking about crowd-funding, where people get access to behind the scenes info and tutorials on how I'm producing the material, in return for their donation...
+Armand Dijcks I replied to this days ago and maybe the mobile app ate it? Trying again.

I love your idea and Maui is a natural. ;-)

LMK what I can do!
Thank you so much +Roxanne Darling, I will have to figure out what the next step is and how you can help. Just the fact that you offered makes it already seem more real :-) I'll be in touch!
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