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If you ever find yourself doubting that we live in a miraculous world, or that there is only one version of reality, visit +Nik Collection by Google and #vibeup! #Photography #consciousness #beauty #nature #buildings #animals #sky #weather
Buachaille Etive Mor

If there's one thing this shot taught me, it's that preparation is everything. 

This is one of my favorite shots from our Scotland trip and it almost didn't happen. I arrived at this spot in pouring rain, and given I had a very limited time in the Highlands, my choices were either a) wait it out or b) walk away. Of course, with a view like this, you wait it out. So, having researched this location before, I set up my gear exactly where I wanted, with exactly the settings I needed, and proceeded to wait for almost an hour in the cold rain with my jacket protecting the camera and midges proclaiming open season on any exposed skin. 

I got about a 10 minute window where the skies above me parted and I was able to fire off some quick shots before the rain returned with a vengeance and I had to run back to the car to avoid losing my precious gear to the elements.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with a 17-40mm f/4 L lens at 19mm, f/11, 6s, ISO100

Processed in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and +Nik Collection by Google's Viveza Suite

#scotland   #highlands   #glencoe   #canonusers   #landscapephotography   #photography   #mountains   #buachailleetievmor   #rainyday   #waterfall   #naturephotography
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A tonic of and for #mindfulness   - in case you take even spirituality too seriously. HaHaHa Enjoy!
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I love it when things (like mediation) are re-packaged with raw honesty!  I imagine long time meditators like me laughing atfirst, then I imagine first time meditators using this to dive in to the divine within that is alway open for visitors. #ommmmm  
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Drugs, like so many things in life, are all about context and intention. There are no absolutes.

Quote: In 1980, “Ecstasy” was “Empathy.”

As consciousness rises, so too does the understanding of which substances actually lift us up and which ones merely numb us out. 

I've used this drug many times way back when; never in a club! Always alone or with one or a few other people, as a heart-opening and mind-enlightening experience. 

Alas, it's too often mixed or tainted with other things. That's one of the reasons I am in favor of legalization of "drugs" so that we have quality control, remove the criminal elements that bring violence where none is needed, and empower individuals to make their own decisions about their own lives.

#ecstacy   #consciousness   #legalization  
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Roxanne Darling

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I loved this episode - the balance of humor and intimacy and a bit of raw commentary of aspects of the human condition. Terry Gross being interviewed by Marc Maron.
Hear the Fresh Air program for May 23, 2015
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Great interview! Thanks for sharing, Rox ;)
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And here's the review of three mediation apps:  Also adding Buddhify that you mentioned:

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Interesting food for thought, from a man.

"One of my own male role models, Kurt Cobain, said, “Women are the only future in rock and roll”; I’d apply that to culture in general. Not that women are genetically or inherently superior, not that there’s nothing wrong with our culture’s idea of femininity—but the most toxic behaviors, the ones that killed the world and continue to kill it? They’re all packaged together in the culturally approved madness we call masculinity. And our best hope might be handing the reins to the half of the population that wasn’t raised to call that madness their birthright."

via @arthur_affect on Twitter.  

I'd agree that elements of masculinity are indeed toxic - but so are aspects of femininity. The issue is that the toxic maleness has been in charge for so long. I'd love to see a #consciousness   shift whereby the elements of collaboration and self-reflection (more feminine than masculine IMO) get several seats at the table. And, we preserve the masculine strengths of getting results - we change our ideas of the desired results. 

Men and Women - your thoughts?
Men’s rights activists that think ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is feminist propaganda are missing the point entirely. The franchise is all about ‘macho’ men destroying civilization.
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Thank you +Jenna Avery I was delighted to read this review - not sure I will make it to the movie itself.
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Roxanne Darling

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Roxanne Darling

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I just took a chill out break to remember who I am. Music by Shaina Noll.. She's my 20+year friend and I love her. #mindfulness   #visualization   #nativeamerican  
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+Roxanne Darling Love you back, Rox...thank you for sharing the video. Who you are is holy! XXX
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Roxanne Darling

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Excited about this new use of #technology  ! Yes, I am a #cleanfreak  .
A hand-size device that cleans your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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Sadly, it's been 40 weeks and still no product. 
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Congratulations on the debut of the Blink Art Resource catalog! It is indeed beautiful and incredibly diverse in its offerings.

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If you are looking for ways to get into #meditation  or #mindfulness  , here are some ideas, especially for #techies  . (As mentioned in the #HOA  today with +Janet Fouts . #mindfulsocial   #ThePowerOfPause  
Discover three lovely meditation and mindfulness apps to support your process of coming home to yourself. All three can be used by beginners to advanced meditators.
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Thank you +David A. Sereno . Lawyers Who Meditate = Very Interesting People IMO!
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I just loved doing this with you +Janet Fouts ! Thank  you. So many references, ideas, examples. I so admire your wide perspective on the topic! If people want my eBook, The Three Yous, they can go here:
Student of Consciousness, Writer, speaker, artist manager, host, social media strategist
I live on Maui. 

I am also the art manager for my partner Shane Robinson, at

I am also a lover of consciousness, and offer private and group sessions on breaking patterns and provide direct access to the universal field of intelligence.

I co-produce an internet TV show called Beach Walks with Rox and am co-owner of a web company, Bare Feet Studios ( We provide social media strategy for hawaii tourism organizations and custom web programming for leading organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Fe, NM.
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I have several main gigs at the moment: Founder Social Media Club Hawaii Partner, Bare Feet Studios Artist Manager, Maka Ike Maui, Consciousness Conduit, From my bragging rights: Hung out backstage with Jefferson Airplane, saw Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and Janis Joplin live, ran away from home in Michigan and flew to LAX to look at colleges, graduated first class at UC Berkeley allowing us to write our own degree programs (BS), dropped out of a PHD program in Marine Biology to join a ballet company, taught the first low impact aerobics class at the first ever fitness convention in San Diego, 1982 (3?), taught the first mindbody fitness classes at a later convention and toured Europe and Japan giving guided meditations in German & Japanese; was on Compuserve then AOL starting in 1992; built my first website in 1996; acting debut in the BBC docudrama: Beyond Fear - Tiger Shark Attack; paddled 41 miles across the Ka'iwi Channel in a 6-woman canoe at age 51; was one of the earliest videobloggers creating with over 760 episodes and several million views; foundin member of Social Media Club and founder of Hawaii chapter; producer of Podcamp Hawaii in 2008; now happily living on Maui.
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    My partner, Shane Robinson, is an abstract painter, digital photographer, and digital app artist. I help mount shows, market, and support him as best I can!
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    I am writing a book about a lovely flavor of the transition in consciousness currently taking place in our times. I also do private sessions to help people break irritating to debilitating unconscious pattens.
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    All things digital and creative for the internet. We started with this tagline "Internet Literacy for Business" and it conveys our love of learning and sharing that knowledge with other entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small companies.
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I am one of those people who does not photograph well. I like how I look in person but not in print! Tracy literally has magical skills that managed to capture my natural appearance, a real smile, and conveyed my personality and energy very authentically. She is full on serious about her craft and yet funny, irreverent, and easy going when working with uptight clients like me! I trust her 100% and have seen her do this over and over again with women and men of every age and shape. And her work with kids? Magical! I think of her as a soul photographer as much as a headshot guru.
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This corporation is definitely not in sync with aloha values the way I see it. Shelves of junk, extorted vendors, and embarrassing third world factories. Yuck.
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I am a long time Hertz Gold member. I generally love Hertz Gold Service. As a Hawaii resident who travels interisland and uses Hertz frequently, the service just continues to decline instead of improve. Some of the shuttle drivers are awesome - and they know who they are! Most of the car return staff are friendly too. But the set up at this location is utterly last century - and perhaps that leads to some of the less than aloha counter service that is required even for Gold customers. My biggest gripe though is the LONG wait for a shuttle. I typically wait at least 10 minutes, and yesterday, a full 20 minutes. It is irritating watching all of the "lesser" brands go by 2-3 times without seeing a Hertz bus. I have mentioned this to Hertz many times over the past 3 years; it is getting worse. Most people using Hertz have flown a minimum 5 hour flight to get here and often much longer. I'd sure like to see our local providers acting more like the Hertz Gold service on the mainland. I am seriously looking now at other providers.
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