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Recently I got an email from Martha Stewart ad network and since I'm currently with BlogHer I'm not allowed to have other ads above the fold. Is anyone here running ads though MS network? Are you satisfied with it? Has anyone switched from BlogHer to MS with no regrets?
I don't know what to do ....  
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I have often wondered the same thing, let me know what you find out!
I also got that email a few months ago and when I requested more information all I kept getting back with generic form letters telling me how to sign up I took that as a bad sign and didn't respond
Most primary networks want above the fold.  You can fill the bottom with google ads. 
I'm with Blogher too +Roxana GreenGirl and I am quite satisfied with it.  I have Google ads at the bottom.  If you find out anything, please share as I am curious myself.  Thanks!
I think I'm going to sty with BlogHer. I'm pleased with them. Thanks everyone :)
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